How do I get a lady

Getting a woman into bed: psychology, how to get it!

You spoke to this girl and maybe you already have a date in sight. Now you're wondering: How can I get this woman into bed?

In this article I will help you seduce her from flirting and dating to sex.

You experience the biggest mistakes, which is why most men grit their teeth with the ladies. I will also tell you 12 psychology trickshow to really conquer them - maybe even to the point of relationship!

I NEVER got women to bed before!

Maybe you feel the same way I did back then: I have met really attractive girls in clubs or in everyday life and sometimes met them on a date ...

But something was damn wrong with me - because as a man I absolutely didn't know how to get her into bed!

In our conversations when we got to know each other, there was simply no sexual tension, that crackle. The woman just sucked bored on her cocktail straw and said goodbye after a short time, never to be seen again.

Or she became my "best friend" if the sympathy was halfway right. Once in the friend zone, I was their listener and helper, but I never got hot sex as a reward.

Getting Women to Bed - The Psychology of Femininity

Okay, before we go too far here, I just want to tell you why so many men fail to get a woman into bed.

For centuries it has been the same mistakes that have separated the wheat from the chaff - that is, the real seducers of the hapless fellows who go home alone at the end of the evening.

Just think about wild sex with this lady ...

Of course, as a man you ask yourself almost panicked and desperate: "How do I get her into bed and then into a relationship? Oh man, THAT is so hot ...“And it is precisely in this way of thinking that the problem lies!

You are so fixated on luring her onto your mattress that you seem needy and make crucial mistakes when dealing with attractive women:

  • Try filling them up with alcoholic drinks at the disco or on a date
  • Heap slimy compliments on you
  • Hand out drinks, invite you to eat and give expensive gifts
  • Bombard you with messages via SMS and WhatsApp
  • Make her cheesy confessions of love
  • You want to impress with status symbols and your job
  • Listening for hours and playing the understanding, "nice guy" to gain their trust
  • Desperately fighting for their attention with showing off
  • Plump sexual innuendos and pick-up lines

How the female psyche really ticks: 3 facts!

There are essentially 3 different reasons why the stitches listed above do not work to get a woman into bed:

  1. 1. Hundreds of other admirers before you have tried to seduce them with these strategies and make them a steady friend. Do you think she'll fall around your neck if you try the same scam as "man number 943"? No! Women want men who are different and stand out from the crowd.
  2. 2. As soon as you show your interest too openly, the woman recognizes your intentions and now knows that she is you for sure may have. But with this you let all the air out of your flirtation, as if you were sticking a needle into a balloon. To arouse her desire, you always have to play "cat and mouse" with her and leave her in the dark about what exactly is going on between you.
  3. 3. Some men can have good conversations and make women laugh, but still don't create sexual tension while flirting. The conversation is on a chummy level, which leads directly to the friend zone instead of making love or the relationship.

If you want to get a woman to bed quickly, you need to understand female psychology and create sexual attraction as you get to know each other. I will help you with it!

The best sayings to get a woman to bed?

Lots of men think they could end up with the girls with some memorized sayings. It's supposed to be a shortcut to seducing them into sex quickly.

That is also a big mistake. Because every intelligent woman will see through this cheap scam and suspect that you only want to kiss her or get her to bed with it.

As soon as she notices your true intent, she will run away faster than you can see ...

How do I get a woman into bed? 12 tips for men!

Therefore, never use tricks and sayings, instead give your dating partner the feeling that you are REALLY interested in her. At least awaken the beautiful illusion for both of you ...

At the same time, convince with an authentic personality as a man and show her your attractive masculinity, which sets you apart from all the other guys out there.

What you need when flirting and getting to know each other is the right mix of sexual attraction and trust so that she can get involved with you one hundred percent.

You should also be able to correctly interpret their subtle signals (words and body language). So you know exactly how to recognize a willing woman who will later be ready for a little mattress sport with you :-)

How successful seduction works in real life to get women into bed (or even into a relationship), I'll tell you with these 12 psychological tips!

1. Tidy up the apartment and chill drinks

Good planning is essential! Regardless of whether you are looking for a one-night stand in the club or want sex on a first date:

When the woman comes to your house later, she shouldn't find a mess here, but the cozy four walls of an attractive man. This gives you a feeling of security and comfort.

So clean up and clean like a world champion, create a romantic atmosphere with subdued lighting and suitable music that you have ready.

You should also always have snacks / finger food and a good wine or other drink in stock to get the woman to bed (more on this later ...).

By the way: this is how you conquer her on a date!

You finally want to meet your dream woman and conquer her WITHOUT receiving a rebuff? Then you have to stick to a crucial rule!

But the shocking thing is: 97% of men have no idea how to thread a romantic date and physically get closer to the woman until they have a lasting affair or relationship.

That's why these guys end up in the friend zone as "good buddies" or get no response at all while writing.

If you want to get your loved one on a date quickly and seduce them ...

... then click on the now "Play button" and benefit from my knowledge in this short video!

2. Immediately address the woman confidently

Of course, the first impression always counts when getting to know each other. You should therefore act self-confident from the start in order to arouse their desire for you while seducing.

If you see them in the disco or in everyday situations, do not hesitate and do not sneak around them like a hyena around its prey!

You want to get her to bed for sex or a relationship later ... But with such shy behavior, the flirtation is lost before it has even started.

Instead, speak to them like a real man with an upright posture, a firm voice and a healthy dose of self-confidence! With so much courage you dare more than most men and you look attractive immediately.

3. Show her your sincere interest

I have had to get to know many men who just want to get a woman to bed quickly and therefore see the "object" of their desire as - as the word suggests - a pure sex object.

Whether flirting in the club or on a date: You can stand out from this crowd by showing them that they are not just the bed bunny for you, but a person with feelings, dreams and experiences.

So be interested in her personality! Ask her the right questions to get to know each other, find out what you have in common with in-depth topics of conversation!

In this way you give her the impression that as a man you are not only talking to her to get her to bed (and that is precisely how you achieve this goal ...).

4. Combine compliments with teasing

We men are true world champions at coming up with compliments like the greatest poets on earth when we want to get a woman into bed.

But still: on such traces of slime there is an extreme risk of slipping when flirting, so that we boys keep falling on our noses.

That's why you should always playfully tease the woman whenever you praise something about her:

  • "You have the second cutest smile of all the girls I know ..."
  • "Nice hair, is it real or do you wear extensions?"
  • "You are the most beautiful woman … (small break) ... that I've seen in the last ten minutes! "

With such psychological tricks for manipulation you remain a challenge, because the lady is unsure how you really feel about her.

5. Establish physical contact in conversation

We logic-focused men are constantly thinking about what to say in order to seduce the woman. In doing so, we forget an extremely important emotional matter:

Without touch, nothing works with a seduction, after all, in the course of the evening you cannot suddenly kiss her out of nowhere!

Do you want to get the strange girl or your "best friend" into bed? Then you should touch the lady right from the start, regardless of whether she is speaking to her in the club or greeting her on a date.

At the beginning you can lightly touch it on the shoulder or on the upper arm, then you intensify the body contact more and more.

So she gets used to your physical closeness right from the start and is later ready for the first kiss and sex!

6. Be the extraordinary man

Whether just making love or a steady relationship: the most interesting and sought-after are men who lead an exciting life and stand out from the average of bores.

So when you get to know her, don't tell her that you work eight hours a day, then watch streaming series in the evening and celebrate with friends on the weekend or go to the football stadium. Gäääähn!

Instead, show yourself as a real adventurer with special hobbies, exciting trips, strange experiences, etc., if you want to get the woman into bed.

As a “rare specimen” of the male world, your value for the female sex increases automatically ... You appear like a special crown jewel that women absolutely want to grab and seduce!

7. Plan an unforgettable date

Most men meet women in a café or restaurant, or worse, they go to the cinema to stare at the colorful screen for two hours.

But if you come up with a special idea for the date, you will arouse the first positive emotions in her and you can stand out from your male competition.

With a special romance (such as a picnic in a special place) or adrenaline and tingling in the stomach (for example roller coaster, tobogganing or climbing) a tingling feeling arises that brings the woman in connection with YOU! This way she will be ready to kiss you faster while dating ...

8. Be mysterious and arouse curiosity

A good friend once said to me: “Men who I figured out after three minutes are far too boring for me. It's the mystery that drives me crazy when I get to know each other! "

So don't be an “open book” as a man if you want to get attractive women into bed!

Instead, you always have to give her the feeling that there are still secrets to be discovered about you:

  • Don't ask for a date or reveal where you want to go with her. Just say: "Hey, I've got a little surprise planned. Let's meet tomorrow at 3 p.m.! "
  • Make mysterious hints in conversation: "I recently experienced something totally crazy ... I'll tell you later!"

This will awaken your inner hunting instinct to stick with you and uncover these secrets. This psychological strategy works like a real magnet for women to get her to bed!

9. Sprinkle in sexual innuendos

As soon as you are a little better acquainted with each other and sympathy is established, you can steer the conversation to an intimate level and make sexual innuendos.

Do not use clumsy and suggestive slogans, but subtly sprinkle sexual topics into your conversation in order to seduce them!

For example, you can ask them:

  • “I recently read that 80% of all women have kissed their best friend before. What's your opinion?"
  • "What would you do if you could be a man for a day?" (Many women answer this with something sexual!)

If you do it right, you will bring an erotic tingling sensation to your flirt - and arouse her desire for sex, with which you can get her to bed quickly!

10. Distribute playful baskets

Most men run after women when they are seduced and beg to be allowed to have sex with them.

Therefore, according to the rules of female psychology, it is highly effective to do exactly the opposite once you get closer.

Give the girl a joke basket by saying with a big grin:

  • "Kiss? Hey, just to make it clear: I don't have sex before marriage! "
  • "You're looking at me like that again ... I don't go to bed with women on first dates!"
  • "I think between the two of us, that will NEVER be anything to do with a relationship!"
  • "Love? You're more of a good friend ... or something like a little sister! "

Always say such things with humor so that the woman really understands your statement as a game of flirting and not as an actual rebuff.

11. Always be persistent and keep flirting

If you want to get a woman into bed, you shouldn't let yourself be deterred by rejection as a man, you have to show self-confidence. You should always stay on the ball, even if they ...

  • ... reacts unfriendly at the beginning when speaking to them and getting to know each other
  • ... asks you critical questions ("Do you say that to every girl?")
  • ... does not want to give out her cell phone number
  • ... blocks your attempt to kiss her
  • ... gives you a basket shortly before the goal (sex) ("I'm not that woman ..." or "It's all going too fast for me ...")

Often such behavior is not a real rejection, but just a shittest to put your male strength and perseverance to the test.

So don't sneak away like a beaten dog like most men when you get a basket!

The truth: With persistence alone, you can get further than 99% of the shy types.

For example, if she blocks your kiss on a date, stay calm and try again a few minutes later.

Be a dominant and aggressive man, but always respect the woman's boundaries. If she doesn't want to be seduced, you have to accept her will and try your luck elsewhere.

12. Subtle inviting the woman home for sex

Okay, of course you don't just want to kiss your beloved in the disco or on the date, you want to get them to bed at home to continue the love game on the mattress.

My psychology tip: never talk openly about sex when you invite her! Otherwise the woman will feel guilty and feel like a "slut" who has let herself be seduced too quickly.

Result: She blocks and gives you a basket.

Instead, give her a socially acceptable excuse why she should come to your home with you:

  • The frozen pizza in the freezer as a snack after all the drinks in the disco
  • The good wine as a nightcap that you absolutely have to try
  • The ingenious film that you still have at home
  • Your exquisite record collection with rare LPs from the 80s
  • and much more

You will see: From the cozy sofa you will get them to bed very quickly in a romantic mood. Good luck, brave warrior!

These tips don't stop there ...

Do you want to get the exact step-by-step instructions - from overcoming your shyness to flirting to kissing on a date?

In my short video I'll tell you 3 more secrets:

"Anti-basket technology", like you Put aside your fears and talk to EVERY woman!

What you have to say (or write) to her with it she falls in love!

The secret # 1 kiss trick, to conquer her on your date!