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The term poaching comes from the French vocabulary and means something like "even pull".

Poaching describes a gentle, low-fat cooking method in which sensitive foods such as eggs, fish, dumplings, fruit, vegetables or tender meat are cooked in liquid just below the boiling point at around 75-95 degrees until they are soft. The food is completely covered with the liquid.

The liquid should only simmer very gently. If it suddenly bubbled vigorously and cheerfully, the boiling point has been exceeded and there is a high risk that the food will be unnecessarily overcooked.

What is poaching in?
The liquid for poaching can be simple tap water as well as a vegetable broth, vinegar water, stock, stock, vegetable juice, fruit juice or wine - depending on the recipe.

If you want to be on the safe side when poaching, you can use a special simmer pot with a built-in temperature indicator. Otherwise, normal high pots or saucepans are also suitable for poaching. Basically, the size of the pot should be adapted to the amount of food to be cooked. Dumplings, for example, need a particularly wide pot, as they not only increase in size when cooked, but can also easily stick together in a pot that is too narrow.

Advantage of this cooking method:
When poached, food not only retains its shape and taste, but above all many of its valuable nutrients that would be lost during cooking.

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