Which bike should I never buy?

If you want to buy a bike in 2021, you have to hurry

Robert Margevicius, Executive Vice President of Specialized, therefore demands that component manufacturers must invest in expanding their capacities “as soon as possible” - especially since he does not believe that the current tense situation will change quickly. Thorsten Heckrath-Rose also wants to "reduce dependence on Asian supply chains". For this it is necessary for the big manufacturers in Europe to think together about alternatives - also with regard to sustainability: "This is the only way we can get into a better situation in the long term," says Heckrath-Rose.

Because the future belongs to the bicycle, both seem to be urgently needed - but this does not help to solve the acute problems. All experts agree that bicycles and spare parts will still remain in short supply in 2022 and that the market situation will not ease significantly until the 2023 season at the earliest. The good news is that there are still bicycles in stores - albeit not in every configuration and in every size.

If you really want to buy a bike at the moment, you should grab hold of it immediately when a suitable opportunity arises. "Anyone who hesitates or speculates on discounts will lose out," predicts Peter Litterst from LinkRadQuadrat. Those who want to continue riding their old bike for another year, on the other hand, need more foresight than spontaneity. Bernhard Lange, who is also the managing partner of the German Shimano importer, recommends: "Having a chain, a pair of tires and new brake pads at home is never a mistake, regardless of the current situation."