May welfare be owed back


The FC Flyeralarm Admira has signed Franz Wohlfahrt as Managing Director Sport. Wohlfahrt receives a three-year contract with the black panthers until 2023.

“We are very happy that we were able to win Franz Wohlfahrt for Admira. Franz is an icon. He knows domestic football like no other. The successes on his last stint at Austria speak for themselves. Two times in a row in the European Cup within three years, plus vice-champion and ÖFB Cup finalist. We wouldn't defend ourselves against these successes, ”says Drabek looking forward to working with Wohlfahrt.

With the commitment of the 59-time ÖFB team player, Admira is also strategically and structurally repositioning itself. From now on, Thomas Drabek will support the position of Managing Director Business and Finance. “It was essential that we had to reposition ourselves. Owing to the diversity and variety of tasks, ”explains Drabek.

Wohlfahrt played 384 Bundesliga games and 59 international matches for Austria. With Austria Wien he was 6 x champion and 4 x cup winner. 1993 Player of the Year.

From 1996 to 2000 he played 118 games in the German Bundesliga for VfB Stuttgart. He won the DFB Cup in 1997 and a year later he was in the European Cup final of the then cup winners competition, together with Admira head coach Zvonimir Soldo. The coach was once the current national coach Joachim Löw.

Franz Wohlfahrt, after 12 years you are returning to the southern part of the city. How great is the joy about it?

Südstadt is something like my second living room. For exactly 30 years now, I have been living with my family just a few minutes away. I also played with Austria not only once in Südstadt (smiles) ... And for the six months mentioned, it was from January to June 2008, I worked as a goalkeeper coach at Admira. It was only a short interlude, but it was a lot of fun.

What exactly are your goals with the FC Flyeralarm Admira?

My goal is to set up Admira - with the help of everyone involved - so professionally that the annual fight against relegation should no longer be an issue. Admira has to move step by step towards the upper half of the table through continuous more work. This requires intensive work every day. But I definitely can't do that on my own. Rather, I need the support and commitment of everyone involved in the association. I am only reminding you of Admira's great days in international football. At the beginning of the 70s and the end of the 80s as well as the beginning of the 90s, for example with the unforgettable storm trio Rodax-Knaller-Schaub. I take this time as a vision with all allies. Thereby the image of the ´grey mouse´ can finally become history.

What will your first steps be?

There will be talks with all department heads and those responsible. I'll get an idea here as soon as possible. We also have to focus on the rest of the squad. The decisive factor will be whether we succeed in finding the mix of experienced players such as Stefan Maierhofer or Tomislav Tomic as well as our own academy players or young Austrians. Always under the aspect of economic efficiency.

You had success with that on your last station.

I can only name the facts of the 3 ½ years (January 2015 - June 2018, editor's note) with Austria. We qualified for the Europa League group stage twice in a row. And this despite the fact that the budget has been reduced from year to year. In addition, we won the runner-up championship during my time at Austria, and we were in the ÖFB Cup final. Perhaps not everyone remembers that we have generated a transfer surplus in the millions in these 3 ½ years. Working as successfully as with Austria are also my very personal goals with Admira.

You set yourself high goals.

In my 21-year career as a professional footballer and most recently as a sports director, I have and can only promise one thing: I will give 100% to Admira every day with all employees in Südstadt. And we're trying to transfer that to the team. We have to question ourselves every day whether we have done everything possible and feasible for our club every day. That is the benchmark!