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Monday September 30th, 2019

The small but fine Hingham at the southern end of the Massachusetts Bay located and by the peninsula Hull on the eastern side, well protected from the hardships of the rough Atlantic, is apparently the ideal starting point for a visit to this big city, and not just for us.

The queue of fellow travelers at the rather improvised ferrydock is surprising at first glance on this Monday morning and, when I look back at it now, calls for an explanation that is more natural:
The approximately 2,000 car parking spaces in front of the harbor, which are almost completely filled, make sense when we see the interplay between people commuting from Hingham in Boston and the ease with which they can get to their workplaces there.

We are obviously the only tourists on the ferry at 8:45 am ...

The catamaran is jam-packed with many of these super cool-looking women and men, who are more familiar to us from television and American films or series, but not all of them, properly styled in costumes and suits, with sun glasses draped in their hair or on their bald heads, some Before even reaching their work place in the city, either sitting on the cellphone or laptop and signaling importance, are hardworking.

A look outside shows us very quicklyBoston, this famous and wealthy capital of the stateMassachusetts.
Seen from the water a skyline suitable for these attributes ... We enjoy the view of the unknown city: An intoxicating impression!

But these “skyscrapers”, which appear more and more powerful and overwhelming as we approach, and illuminated by the morning sun, leave us in astonishment!

Involuntarily, our previous "being struck by a skyline" experiences of this kind come to mind:
We find our language again through the unrivaled unique skyline of Manhattan NYC, from the bank of theHudson River,West ofJersey City seen from. It is carved into us.

Then:Seattle, Washington State about the Elliott Bay ofBainbridge Island from look, okayyy?

At this moment we become aware of our “wealth”, having experienced all three cities from the perspective “from the water”.

Hingham is a thing of the past with this fast ferry within half an hour. This applies equally to the US moneymakers and the German pensioner couple on board. But that also exhausts the common ground.

Otherwise, silence, aloofness, a distinctive individuality, making distinguished calls ... The huge flat screen in front of the rows of seats remains black, extraordinary.

After putting it on, the impression is on Rowes Wharf Marina and lying behind it, the Atlantic Ave for us, as the city architects probably wanted: Where should we look first, what impresses us most and how can we capture it in pictures?

Before we get it right and notice it, less than 5 minutes have passed since our arrival, we stand here completely alone, as if we were the only guests on the ferry!

“Where are we going now?” Then turns out to be a superfluous question for me, because I just have to follow my guide. She is well prepared. direction Quincy Market, the huge shopping center, consisting of several halls.

As it turns out, however, it is still a bit early: The tourists of this world only come when the temples of consumption, regardless of whether they sell t-shirts, caps, burgers or gifts of all kinds, have opened. So not before 10:00 am.

Have not thought how dreary such temples of consumption without people look like.
We both notice it and take a few alibi photos "from the field".

When we almost escaped, we almost had them Faneuil Hall, hidden under scaffolding, missed. But the friendly employee in the visitor center on the ground floor points out the uniqueness of the 1st floor in addition to the sales stands on the ground floor:
We come in the historical meeting place of the Bostonians Citizens from 1742 in the beginning dispute with the English motherland about the desire for independence and freedom ...

This is where it gets really huge: Lots of oil paintings and statues or busts of important men and flags, flags, in front of them a lively, self-confident ranger who tells us the history of this house and the associated political stance of that time Bostonians Society explains:

She asked the audience whether we knew who was allowed to take part in the meetings in the hall at that time. The answers:
- Whites
- over 21 years
- Men
- Land owners
- people living in the city

This American culture of discussion and decision-making in the 18th century, even if the conditions seem antiquated to us from our present-day self-image, was probably the exception in the states of Europe at that time.
These thoughts help us to understand that Americans still regard such a hall as an important sign of the history of its creation.

At this point our further path will be through Boston inevitably historical, because heFreedom Trail“, A red paved or painted orientation line leads to the 16 most important features of the history of origin and development, which is still preserved and carefully maintained today.
At the same time pleasant, but also relieving us of our responsibility for our own ways, it offers all Boston visitors a historical, masculine, political, architectural and military excursion.
We still like to make use of it ...

For example: The Old State House - The American constitution was read publicly for the first time from this balcony ... and so it goes on, almost every step of many over a length of 4 kilometers gives us an aha view of such places of the past. But not only on the past.

Two figures in front of the wax museum ...

No later than…
in the Boston Navy Yard, where the "USS Constitution", a more than 200 year old, still operational, famous warship and the USS "Cassin Young", a destroyer of the US Navy from the 2nd World War are open to the public for inspection, we realize

that we are only able to make such a “flying visit” to the city.
Maybe it's because we had only planned one day for Boston in advance. Today we do not do justice to this city with all its beauty, peculiarity, colorfulness and diversity.

In any case, it is certainly no coincidence that from here, just around the corner in the next harbor basin, there is a ferry that takes us from Charlestown again after Boston Harbor brings back.

How nice that, if we hurry, we can take the next ferry to Hingham immediately and not have to wait a whole hour for the next one.

Big city is probably not ours at the moment ...

Sorry Boston!