What will kill planet earth

21 Dec 2020 Ethecon Awards 2020: Who will save and who will kill the planet?

The ethecon Foundation for Ethics and Economics has been presenting the international ethecon Awards since 2006: the Blue Planet Award and the Dead Planet Award. Where we on EineWeltBlaBla deal a lot with the future of planet earth from different perspectives, we are especially pleased to receive the Blue Planet Award for special merits in saving and preserving the blue planet. Often, however, one has the feeling of grinding against great, mighty mills that focus on destruction rather than preservation. And above all to secure your own power and profit. These awards can also be won with, namely with the Dead Planet Award.

Now you are probably wondering: Who was the winner this year? For both awards there are many people who have made a name for themselves in terms of the awards. First the good news or the bad news? Let's start with the good one.

The Blue Planet Award 2020 goes to Phyllis Omido

The environmental and human rights activist Phyllis Omido was awarded the Blue Planet Award 2020. Above all, she campaigned for the local residents and workers in a lead recycling factory in Owino Uhuru, a village near the Kenyan city of Mobasa, where she also worked herself. The factory's exhaust fumes and lead-contaminated wastewater have caused illness, miscarriages, and numerous deaths. Phyllis Omido organized protests against it, publicized the problems and corruption within the environmental agency and even successfully sued the Kenyan government. Now there is a law that stipulates that lead can no longer be exported from East Africa. Incidentally, the lead that is to be recycled comes (not surprisingly ?!) to a large extent from Europe.

In the book With the Anger of a Mother, Phyllis Omido reports on her fight against dangerous lead smelting. In the justification for the award there is much more that Phyllis Omido has achieved.

The Dead Planet Award 2020 goes to Jeffrey Preston Bezos

There was also a large selection in this area, but one of them stood out and deservedly received the Dead Planet Award 2020: the American entrepreneur and investor Jeffrey Preston Bezos. You could associate his name with the beautiful Amazon region and hope that he will work for the environment there, but far from it. He is the founder of the online mail order company Amazon and is considered the richest living individual in the world. Is the term ultra-rich enough ?! While he gets rich and richer even during the corona pandemic, working conditions at Amazon are getting bad and worse. A collective agreement or a union for the employees? What for? Better surveillance then. Careful and responsible use of resources? Then I prefer kerosene-intensive air freight and the mining of rare earths and minerals. And on top of that: space tourism. With that he manages not only to stand up for the destruction of our planet, but also far beyond, wow!

So that it doesn't degenerate here, you can read more about his deeds in the justification for the award.

The award ceremony in November 2020

The awards ceremony was held online this year, which allows you to watch it again, right here. There were also protests in front of German Amazon branches.


The featured image is from Greg & Lois Nunes on Unsplash.