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The 8 best songs by Seiler and Speer

© Oliver Topf
Austrian pop music can no longer be imagined without Seiler and Speer. Album number 3 is coming soon. In preparation for this we have collected the best songs by the duo for you.
In an interview recently, Seiler and Speer revealed to us that they are in the studio at the moment and are working on new songs that should increasingly go in the direction for which the band is known: dialect and pun are the connecting elements that lead to So album number three should be in the foreground.
There is no question that this recipe will work again: Both albums previously released were at the top of the Austrian charts, the second album was awarded gold just three days after its release. So the omens for the upcoming album are good.
Before the album release, there is another highlight in the band's history: on November 17th, the band will compete at the Red Bull Music Soundclash against the German challengers from The BossHoss and fight for the musical crown.
So it will be an exciting autumn for Seiler and Speer fans - to prepare you for it, we have collected the best songs by Seiler and Speer for you.
An unsuccessful band stands on stage in front of six people and plays their song. The first video by Seiler and Speer shows how their music started somewhere between cabaret and Austropop. These small appearances are now a thing of the past: Seiler and Speer play in front of tens of thousands of people at the biggest festivals. But the humor has remained - and a live show that is more than thrilling.
Would you like to play this song with your band together with Seiler and Speer in front of thousands of people? Then apply now as a support band for the Red Bull Music Soundclash:
Over three weeks at the top of the Austrian charts, 33 million views on YouTube and a text that every concert-goer can sing along to: Ham kummst is the absolute super hit by Seiler and Speer. The album of the same name is just as successful and from then on everyone is talking about the band. The humiliation, the play with excess, the tragicomic of everyday life: "Ham kummst" condenses all elements of Seiler and Speer into an Austropop song for eternity.
With this song Seiler and Speer wrote a hymn: to life, to its difficulties, to all memories. With its typical narrative style and the matching video, the song is perfect for the last drink before you stumble out of the bar at dawn and realize that the sun is always rising - no matter how difficult your situation is.
In the end, it's always about love. Not only Seiler and Speer know this, but this topic runs through the entire history of pop. Accordingly, Christopher Seiler and Bernhard Speer slip into the role of various minstrels in the video for the first single of their second album. Based on the song by the band KISS, the visuals continue with the Amigos, the Backstreet Boys and even the Beatles - but the message remains the same: I was made for loving you, baby!
If I had, if I would, I would: Seiler and Speer are also proficient in playing with the subjunctive. If everything were completely different from what it is in reality, then Seiler and Speer would now drive around in the convertible and present their luxury bodies. But it's not like that. And that's good too: Otherwise we'd have to do without songs like that.
With "All Inclusive", Seiler and Speer presented what is probably the most Austrian summer hit of all time in 2017: The dream of an all-inclusive vacation and the anticipation dominate the song until the break and the necessary realization comes in the middle: It's actually in your own Grätzl but most beautiful. And when the holiday calls, you can always go to Lignano. At least you meet your neighbors there.
If Seiler and Speer have proven with many of their songs that they can combine cabaret and music like no other band, then this underrated song shows that they are more than just a fun band. A sad, beautiful text in dialect that gets to the point with an incredible amount of feeling, which is sometimes forgotten: somehow we are all the same.
We had to wait a long time: With "Ois Ok", Seiler and Speer are finally back and are releasing a single that really inspires the new album. The song traces a life from beginning to end and conveys an important insight: No matter how difficult everything sometimes seems, how stressful everyday life is and what challenges we have to face - in the end, ois is ok. And that's a comforting thought.
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