Who is at risk for teenage pregnancy

When girls become mothers - teenage pregnancies in Europe

For thousands of women in Europe, pregnancy comes much earlier than planned in life: teenagers who become pregnant unintentionally and then often do not know what to expect in this situation.

The UK has the highest number of teenage pregnancies in the EU

In the European Union, the under-18 birthrate has generally declined over the past two decades. According to research from 2007, there are between twelve and 25 births per 1000 girls, depending on the country. But that is no consolation for UK politicians and health officials.

The UK has led the European statistics on teenage pregnancy for years. After all, 2.7 percent of 15 to 18-year-old girls have a baby or terminate a pregnancy. The prevention campaigns are by no means taking effect everywhere on the island, as Ruth Rach reports from London.

Exemplary school projects in the Netherlands

When it comes to reducing unwanted teenage pregnancies, particularly Italy, Denmark and Sweden and the new members Slovenia and Cyprus get good grades in the EU. Everywhere there, the odds are five to seven pregnant girls in a group of 1,000.

It looks just as good in the Netherlands, where the authorities are particularly proud of their educational projects in schools. Kerstin Schweighöfer attended a teacher training course in Amsterdam.

What to do when baby doll screams "Michel"?

Learning what it's like to have a child - but without having to face the consequences. This is offered in the "Baby Thinking Time" project in Germany. In the country, around 0.7 percent of girls under 18 become pregnant, the vast majority involuntarily. Statistically speaking, this puts Germany in the middle of the European field. The "Baby Thinking Time" project turns schoolgirls into mothers - doll mothers for a week. Mareike Röwekamp met some of them in Leverkusen.

In addition: Interview with Sigrid Weiser from "pro familia", German Society for Family Planning, Sex Education and Sexual Counseling.

Regret in retrospect? Portrait of a Hungarian young mother

Every teenage pregnancy story is different. The decision for or against a child can be very tough. Twelve years ago a young woman in Hungary, Ildikó Orsós, decided not to have her first child, but to have it. Her parents supported her in this. Ildiko now lives in the southern Hungarian village of Magyarszék. Our reporter Christian Erdei visited them.