What makes you good at your job

Make yourself indispensable: 9 strategies for the world of work

They are experts in their field, ensure a good mood, are always reliable and well informed - indispensable colleagues and team members. Anyone who distinguishes themselves through a unique selling point in the job becomes an irreplaceable employee. If you make yourself indispensable, it not only secures your current job, but also underpins your good reputation outside the company - and as we know, that can never hurt.

  1. Be positive and optimistic
    Especially in bad times, those around you will appreciate your confidence. And when chaos breaks out, you are the haven of calm with a positive attitude.
  2. Show special commitment
    Here quality comes before quantity, so it is not meant to push a lot of overtime. After all, the job shouldn't cost you your private life. Finishing work punctually every day in stressful times will certainly not go down well with the rest of the team. Find a good balance here. Also, be brave and actively talk about new ideas or possible projects.
  3. Help your boss
    Your manager also has goals and benchmarks that must be achieved at the end of the year. If you show yourself to be valuable support, he or she will hopefully not forget it.
  4. Build a network
    This does not only apply to the good relationship with other departments in the company, put out your feelers in your private life and gather contacts with potential new employees or customers.
  5. Stay up to date professionally
    Keep an eye on what's going on in your industry and the competition - even if that's not actually part of your job.
  6. Don't do things by halves
    Make high demands on yourself and the work you do. But be careful: the line between excellent work and perfectionism is fine!
  7. Become an expert
    Are you looking for one thing in your job in which you are better than everyone else: You can also get the cheapest flight for a business trip at the last minute? Can you make complex data understandable for everyone? Do you appease even the most difficult customer on the phone? Take a minute and think: What can no one in the company hold a candle to?
  8. Share your knowledge and be helpful
    Colleagues and managers always appreciate that: Don't keep to yourself what makes you good or what sets you apart in your job. Share your knowledge generously and help others become good too.
  9. Be open to change
    The little word "change" dangles like a sword of Damocles over the company or the branch? Be the one who discovers opportunities in change and inspire others at the same time.

As you know, the most important thing comes at the end: stay true to yourself in everything you do and take care of yourself and your health.