How do you feel about street names

Renaming of polluted terms and street names: your opinion?

Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Ring, Julius-Tandler-Platz, Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße, Kernstockgasse, Josef-Weinheber-Monument, Engelbert-Dollfuss-memorial plaque. In addition to all the street names and monuments that are reminiscent of people who in any way promoted or supported the ideas and actions of the National Socialists or who were themselves part of the Nazi regime, there is another prominent name: that of the Viennese pediatrician and Autism researcher Hans Asperger. Its role in the National Socialist eugenics and euthanasia policy is now being reassessed by sources. In a publication from 1939 he showed agreement with the "racial hygiene" goals of the National Socialists.

And again it has to be discussed how Austria must and should deal with its history and the process of coming to terms with it. Is it justifiable to have streets and squares named after Nazi criminals? Should medical names continue to be named after their discoverers and Nazi perpetrators? How should this legacy be dealt with?

Memorial with explanation or remove all traces?

User Martin Mühleder is in favor of maintaining contaminated street names as they are part of our history:

User "Naruto Uzumaki" is also in favor of the fact that the names are not deleted, but are continued in an explanatory manner:

Poster "L. Salander", on the other hand, recalls Article nine of the State Treaty:

How do you feel about it?

Should streets, squares and terms that are named after National Socialists or anti-Semites be renamed? Or should explanatory boards be attached to the locations? Which streets and terms with a Nazi past would you like to have renamed or provided with an explanation? Justify your opinion in the forum! (haju, April 24, 2018)