Dig rattlesnakes


Rhymes make you want to
possible that you will have to laugh.

I see with a sick horror
the Euros whiz to the Greeks.
Well, you bosses of the ailing group,
now season the bland Greek soup!

In Africa the blacks cry
for fear of warthogs.

Ms. Finkenstein spoke in praise:
The Harz cheese smells fine.

Isn't that the soup tap
that we saw honking yesterday?

Is this dog house trained too?
asks Mrs. Rubenstein suspiciously.

You are

Oh you,

Where there was dust
that was the capital.

Among the most beautiful quilts
can be the dumbest idiot.

The rattlesnakes rattled
until their rattles sounded limp.

No guessing, guessing or composing helps
you have to act according to the data.
    (H. Winkler)

The male choir drinks draft beer
Four are already drunk from the bass.

For the party, buy three kegs of beer quickly,
if Harald comes, better four!

Let beer run into the trumpet!
Then you can drink depending on your mood.

I have sheet metal welded around my legs
so the pigs don't bite me.

I don't like to eat fried eggs
because otherwise I spit like a hedgehog.

Never drink wine while bathing
otherwise you will break your fibula.

Always offer check to the thief
and close the sunroof tightly.

I know a pig farmer
he's as fat as my sister.

At the dentist's in the waiting room
you don't just hear the tender whimpers.

Who can feast with a happy heart,
when there is pain deep in the canine.

The rat ran to the rat hole
after which she smelled the slats.

The mother rejoices in the scent of roses,
the father calls for the cans.

The stevedore drank for nights,
then he died for lack of oxygen.

You should have your sick kidney pelvis
don't tease with cold beers.
You should also if you have stomach ailments
avoid wine from acidic locations.

A drunkard recently complained shyly:
"Today I feel so sober!"

The snow you see in flakes
flows in my socks below.

It could harm my legs
so I just want to bathe for the appearance of it.

If only I was on the four-poster bed
had a bimmel to wake you up.

The yawning fat man sits in the armchair,
husband longing for bed.

The buyers run into the carpet shop,
they all want to buy runners.

The right leg of the somersault is angled,
before he pees at the root.

The sermon, designed with feeling,
makes hands folded in the stalls.

Once upon a time there was a Trotskyist
he found the world puking.

The philosophers' vague theses
have all been there before.

There are hot nights in July
you can catch pike in the Neisse.

I don't want to know anything more about bathing
since crabs bit me in the calves!

Never buy a bike as a remaining stock!
It could rust like the plague.

The clown delights me with a tragic mix
from a lot of amazing, magical tricks.

The city can with the empty coffers
no longer sweep the streets.

These notches make me sick
to our new card cabinet.

What am I supposed to do with a yellow brew?
My stomach will be fine by itself.

People may suffer seagulls
while avoiding the lions.

I see a dog digging
there must be a reason for that.

Mr. Pollak wears Chilean costume -
a picture that makes you laugh at tears.

A cripple and an old man thrashed each other
by the amount of thirty groschen!

If someone wants to sneak his rights
he can hardly achieve it in a good way.

I saw the lion lounging on the slope.
I think he won't go hungry for long.

Oh mom, heat my icy room,
otherwise, poor siskin, I'll always be cold.

Who has pain in the bunions,
move in the indoor pool.

From the protesters against castor containers
some receive pastor salaries.

I heard a scream that sounded
as if he came out of the closet.

When roasted clods wave to you,
then don't moan: "We want ham!"

Whoever lends a pair of pliers to others
then miss her for a long time.

Anyone who travels needs shoes.
Who shits needs rest.

He caught on his bug trip
the vermin by the satchel.

For the darling from the heat
she is now looking for a shady place.

Keep your record treasure
in a cool, shady place!

Don't you know how I suffered, maiden?
Oh, show me a little pity!

She is sitting with him in the rose grove
and reaches into his pants.

The food here is a stomach paste,
I have to complain about that, master.

When cold rain pours down
the nightingale sneezes in the lilac.

The mother at the cradle:
How gently she watches.

Point your nose at this shield,
Dear driver: "Don't rush!"

He chopped with the cleaver;
Thank god the cheek remained intact.

The children may suffer from mice
but you should avoid the lice.

I have to tell you dryly
you should wear good socks.

The sun throws the shadows far -
it will soon be night in Wattenscheid.

A dog barks in Bielefeld
who just barks like many.

A little mosquito wanted to travel
then it flew into a titmouse.

When girls cry in the pillows
then they need a friend and don't know anyone.

The mice don't feel comfortable in the woods
because they much prefer to dig in the fields.

I only have half the soles of both shoes,
with the best will in the world, I can't get the ointment!

In autumn on the quaking aspen
you can see the leaves fidgeting bitterly.

An oak barely has leaves
is it a good climbing tree.

Do you want to guide the car over the tracks,
so just to be on the safe side, let it slide quietly!

At the festival of soft tones
there was also the test of the quiet hair dryer.

A tomcat crawled full of prey
high in the tree's foliage.
The sparrow he began to chase,
the plumage was in tatters.

There is too much on the cake above
then you have to romp to the village.

In the room you can hear children howling
there's something on the back of the legs.

I thought it was maddening
but no, it was a water crane.

It is also Mr. Meier,
You can get eggs cheaply.

Before butter comes from Danzig,
is it usually already rancid then.

The island had no jetty
so a ship burst in a break in the surf.

First came a mute thinker
then wards a stupid stinker.

Karl got a chalk skin
and quickly sits down in the heather.

The babies in the cradle are shaking
as soon as they smell a goat.

Klaus once went on the train
and began to bite into the bread.

The artist saw the silhouettes
Oh dear, they were full of rat shit.

Nana ate

What does a little mosquito do
but me for darned pitfalls.

Another mosquito bite -
the beasts cut me to pieces.

The mosquitoes, they populate me
each with a mosquito bite
even though I'm with the culottes
in the midst of my roses

You see some of them trotting up to their horses,
but ravens are already fluttering in his hawser.

What does it matter that good and money blow away
when at last the world passes.

We living all sign
us proud of this ball of earth.

Bello snatches the sausage off the plate;
the villain is quickly caught.

If Eva hadn't misunderstood the tree,
we would hardly have been banished from Eden.

The hoopoe wears a hood.
The vintner's hand cherishes the grape.

Glue rods lay vices.
Rascals feast on jail.

About this horrific double murder
all that remained was the pug there.

I have to go to the birch forest now
because my pills will work soon.

The lifeguard eats a cheese
and he is biting into the maggot.
What harm can that do to the master?
In the worst case, he shits maggots.

What is the baby doing on the lawn?
It would be better if you left it in the cradle.

When we read late in the evening
clogged her nostril.

Think yourselves, but don't laugh
I sleep by night light.

In winter the customer echoes:
Dog cold.

Is that little thickness
in your clique?

The child who wears golden curls
screams loudly to dry it off.

The kurti made a stinker blow
so he has to stand in the corner now.

How nice when after a hot bath
you have something to bite right away.

Only when the alarm clock rang long enough
she warmed my breakfast deliciously.

Does the mild sausage taste so bad for you?
that you grumble like a savage?

The roast: black. The sauce: gray.
The cook: a big pig.

While enjoying fine Buchteln,
you have to wave your legs there.

One accusation usually hits the spouse:
he had a dull mind.

The man who rests behind the bars
was poor and had - alas! - no manor.
But if it is good or bad,
nothing into the sacred peace of the coffin.
You too will one day after this difficult life
floating in the void as a separated ghost.

You could already in your youth
chase me with the word "virtue"!

I still feel a longing for you in August
but today I've already lost my lust.

Its weary splendor has faded,
that's what makes her so prudish.

The girl with the chic scent
married the fat villain.

One is amazed that God's creative power
created so much goo in Hallstadt.

It is best to sit in the lightning weather
quietly in the coffee house and reads joke sheets.

In the monastery called Sankt Gallen
haunts a hall ghost every night.
Do you hear him howling from afar, guest,
spice in what yawns you have.

A gate sings every tune
sometimes loud, then quietly again.
On the other hand the wise one gives songs
that he doesn't know, just quietly again.

Italy is a beautiful wine country
but I prefer to get canvas there.
You know that the fine Welschen
fake most of the wines.

The wise moon looks down, smiling
on the pine grove, in which the tit lives.

"Oh," sighs a person in a hurry,
"It's all too soon Christmas Eve!
Is it okay, "he begins to think sharply,
"just give something for the need?"

In spring when the snow thaws on the brook
the swallow builds its nest under the roof,
I liked to go into the cool immersion bath,
how much my stomach hurt afterwards.

The master class holds together
like a tough paste.

The boxers in the master class
beat themselves to paste.
And from all that mass paste
the class master rises.

I don't believe in gliding
even the flails can win there.
And whoever achieves such victories
forgets that the fly sails too.

Do you think that I'll save myself something when I'm traveling?
My whole fee goes on food.
I drink while on tour
just tea.

A cable arrived in heaven:
"Knockout I beat the Abel. Cain."

Odin gets on the train
something starts to bite him.

With those who profess new doctrines
let Nero feed many a leu.

The Venetians build frigates
if they do not mate their wives.

Napoleon, when he was sitting on Elba,
caught a fish which he then ate himself.

When, hell, you lend the jaws of death
when you open your throat to laugh wildly -
then, instead of shaking hands,
he destroys peoples, whole races easily,
and Charon's boat with a rich load
carries thousands to the eternal rest of the dead.

A bad hobby
had Bobby.

Kiss me,
Miss Key!

At the water she said:
Let's stay at the seashed.

Today everyone wears Lackl
already a leather jacket.

He sat down on the cleaver
now no cheek is unharmed
and he must be on the sore rump
change the envelope by the hour '.

The maiden with the tangled hair
was the darling of all shepherds.
We should wait for her here
but we waited in vain.

The Eskimo has pale cheeks
how much he would like to catch whales!

At the Swiss reservoirs
I saw many a pig standing.

Not a breath of wind that stirs calm,
all Winsen goes to rest,
then Gemuh, grumbling,
Eckermann drives the herd home
    (A. Kippenberg)

When God's breath quieter
he created Count Keyserling.
    (F. Gundolf)

In the beginning there was only Schnabel
the end of an umbilical cord.
    (A. Schnabel, pianist, 1882-1951)

What are you going to do in Mottls 'Tristan'
and check out this sucker crap.
Better get yourself a third of must,
drink comfort with this remedy.
    (Felix Mottl, 1856-1911, conductor of the Bayreuth Festival)

Latent talents

With whom mind and face mate,
will always do well with the press.

Stud. Med. Stick the remains of the corpse
for the purpose of section can be reached.

You shouldn't be on Sunday morning
worried about Monday!

He said to his hairdresser
when he did his hair, he was freezing.

I hear you splashing, wet wretch,
but you are not happy, it seems, the water.

I found yesterday at Koppeldamm
Aunt Elfriede's double comb.

If the horses don't want like the riders,
the riders roll on alone.

A happy Chinese once lived with my mother,
he took butter with the rice, but never cheese.

The baker's dog dares to chase chickens cheekily.
The policeman is chasing after a fast car.

If he hears the happy song of the finches echoing in the forest,
he often drops a piece of ham for the birds.

Eumaius was a swineherd.
The owl buzzes in the grove at night.

The clod is worth the sweat,
The sheep are sheared the wool.

The poet is a creator of light things!
Only the poets fish in the murky.

My darling, when I send you bliss
keep them until the solstice!

That I bear your love
is because I once succumbed to the urge.

Do you want to steal my pants
I'll hit you with the dumpling

I sat on the carpet
now I want to romp on the bed.

Ik was

Sitting still is difficult on beautiful days
But if you run, you have to sweat a lot.
Frau Müller pushes with her husband
To where there are shadows:
"There's no point in rushing
It is much better to sit down! "
She knew a place to rest
And hardly leafed through her book there,
A cow came running along the way;
Mr. Müller quickly climbed the tree.
From above he moans, trembling: "Mathilde, we
Are gone if the wild beast catches us! "
The woman who always cherished love for the country,
Has bold, humiliating and sporty
The delicate hand laid on the horned forehead.
The cow, puzzled, listens intently to her word.
And whether she understood the flood of speech,
She disappeared at a gallop to the nearby stable.
Mathilde exclaims proudly: "Come on down, man!
As you can see, it's best to always answer it lively!
The cattle themselves in their mad rage
Do not always want bad things.
If I had, you coward, like you did,
What would the good moo have thought of us? "
    (from: Elke's Welt, http://www.elkeswelt.de)