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First appearance: Motion Picture Funnies Weekly (Vol 1) # 1 in April 1939

Some universes in the Multiverse can take place in the past or future, as time moves differently in each universe. Often times, time travel gives birth to new universes and dimensions. The Beyonder once estimated that there is an “apparently infinite number of dimensions” in order to then explore the entire multiverse and its “innumerable levels”. [Incredible Hulk (Vol 1) # 312] Furthermore, the almost omniscient Molecule Man also said that there are infinite parallel dimensions to the Earth's universe that together make up the Multiverse. [Secret Wars II (Vol 1) # 8] Finally, it was later stated in the Book of Vishanti, which describes the cosmology of miracles, that there is "literally a transfinite number, i.e. a number greater than infinity" of universes in the multiverse. [Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme (Vol 1) # 21]

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The cycle of the multiverse

Ultimates (Vol 2) # 1
November 2015

In the beginning, however, there was only one universe: The First Firmament. A war between his creations, the aspirants and the celestials, broke the First Firmament into pieces, and from these pieces innumerable universes were born, thus forming the Second Cosmos and the First Multiverse. When these new universes converged, a new, collective being emerged. Each iteration of the multiverse has gone through a different instance of renewal, which is the destruction and recreation of everything that starts from zero, with each renewal causing the multiverse to evolve. [Ultimates (Vol 2) # 1]

The seventh iteration of the Multiverse was destroyed as a result of the phenomena known as Incursion and was eventually reborn when Mister Fantastic acquired the power of the Beyonders previously held by Doctor Doom. [Secret Wars (Vol 1) # 7] Richard's intervention made the eighth incarnation a direct continuation of the seventh. Instead of starting from scratch, most of the destroyed universes were recreated and continued to exist almost as if nothing had happened. [Secret Wars (Vol 1) # 9]

Protector of the multiverse

Excalibur (Vol 1) # 50
May 1992

The multiverse was originally categorized and protected by Merlyn, who founded the Captain Britain Corps. Most realities have a Captain Britain destined to protect his version of the British Isles, and therefore reality, thanks to an all-encompassing dimensional nexus housed in a tower on the shores of the United Kingdom. Individual members of the Corps draw their power from this nexus thanks to Merlyn's magic and science. [Excalibur (Vol 1) # 50]

There are other beings and groups who deal with the protection of the multiverse, for example the Time Variance Authority or the Exiles. [Exiles (Vol 1) # 1] New realities are constantly being created and often involve time travelers, as time travel in Marvel Comics always creates different realities and it is usually not possible to change time or go back to your past. [Marvel Two-In-One (Vol 1) # 50]

X termination

X-Treme X-Men (Vol 2) # 12
March 2013

The rift was first known on Earth-13812 in the head of the Sphinx. Lord Xavier, the Witch King, Nazi Xavier and Xavier Head began sacrificing civilians for an interdimensional rift to gain further power. The transdimensional X-Men were able to save their Xavier and narrowly defeated Lord Xavier and Nazi Xavier. Unfortunately, the X-Men did not act fast enough to save this world and were forced to take an interdimensional leap, causing this reality and all of its citizens to be consumed by the Exterminators' vortex. [X-Treme X-Men (Vol 2) # 12]

Meanwhile on Earth-616, AOA Nightcrawler and Dark Beast used the Dreaming Celestial to create a portal to the New Apocalypse. Unfortunately, this portal opened the gap between realities that was so great that the Exterminators switched to Earth-295. [X-Termination (Vol 1) # 1] When the Exterminators showed up, they were received by the X-Men, the Transdimensional X-Men, and the X-Terminated. [Astonishing X-Men (Vol 3) # 60] One of the Exterminators went to Earth-616 where he killed the Dreaming Celestial while the other two Exterminators stayed on Earth-295, one from the Rift and the other through the Power of Apocalypse came to an end. [Age of Apocalypse (Vol 1) # 14]

Age of Ultron

After Wolverine traveled back in time several times to prevent the rise of the power of evil artificial intelligence known as Ultron, the space-time continuum was severely damaged, causing a multiverse massive shockwave to echo through time and space that seemed to break reality. A “multiversal chaos” was unleashed in which numerous beings were transported from other realities to other universes. [Age of Ultron (Vol 1) # 10]

Incursion and the Eighth Cosmos

New Avengers (Vol 3) # 2
January 2013

Due to the result of a paradoxical phenomenon known in nature as incursion, which resulted from the early destruction of a reality that caused a contraction in the multiverse, every existing universe began to experience regular collisions with one another, with the earth serving as its center. Unless the impact is averted by the destruction of one of the two colliding earths, both intersecting realities will be destroyed when the two planets make contact. [New Avengers (Vol 3) # 2]

As numerous different beings and groups of people from numerous universes tried to avert death from everything, the final incursion finally occurred between the last two surviving universes, Earth-616 and Earth-1610, which were later destroyed. Only a handful of residents from each universe survived their realities on some kind of life raft. Among them were the Reed Richards of each universe, Mister Fantastic and the Maker. [Secret Wars (Vol 1) # 1] After Dr. Doom had stolen the power of the Beyonders, powerful beings that existed outside the former multiverse, with the help of Molecule Man, he managed to save the remains of several destroyed universes and integrate them into the Battleworld. Doom's eight-year rule as ruler of this world ended when the discovery of the two life rafts wreaked havoc. During a confrontation between Doctor Doom and Mister Fantastic, the Molecule Man transferred the power of Doom to Reed and destroyed the Battleworld in the process. With the power he received, Mister Fantastic began to restore the multiverse, universe by universe, with the help of his resuscitated family. It is this chain of events that gave rise to the Eighth Cosmos. [Secret Wars (Vol 1) # 2 - 9]

Eternity War

Ultimates 2 (Vol 1) # 100
August 2017

Still angry about the existence of multiple realities, the First Firmament decided to attack the current embodiment of the multiverse, Eternity. The First Firmament took advantage of the weakened state of Eternity caused by the recent rebirth and bound her in chains and sent its aspirants to destroy them from within. [Ultimates 2 (Vol 2) # 6]

In an attempt to help strengthen Eternity, the Maker harnessed the essence of the aspirants and used High Evolutionary's technology to break and destroy the superflow - the network that separated realities and successfully closed every universe within Eternity brought together a single one. The maker also took the opportunity to rewrite the laws of the multiverse to bring back to life the original ultimates from his late home universe. [Ultimates 2 (Vol 2) # 9] Although the process initially strengthened Eternity and released her from the grip of the First Firmament, it soon proved counterproductive. Eternity began to deteriorate, making it easier to consume through the First Firmament. Because of this, Galactus sent its own ultimates to stop the maker.

After Spectrum and the High Evolutionary killed the Maker's then-current body, both teams at Ultimates worked together to reverse the damage to the Superflow. Using the nanites from his armor, which the Maker had evolved beyond the understanding of his creator, Iron Man was able to interact with him. Spectrum then used her powers to connect the minds of both teams at Ultimates so that their combined brainpower could operate the machine and restore the multiverse to its normal state.

Galactus and his Eternity Watch then entered Eternity and defeated the aspirants, relieving Eternity of its harmful influence. Full of strength, Eternity again managed to face the First Firmament and call for help from earlier forms of past cosms. This army of past cosms held the First Firmament captive and brought it to another plane of existence in order to heal it. [Ultimates 2 (Vol 1) # 100]

Difference between dimension and universe

A dimension is described as "universe or realm containing space, time, matter and energy". The realms that gods and demons live in are parallel dimensions rather than adjacent realities. You are beyond the main universes. The Beyonders once classified parallel dimensions like the microverse within the same "multilayered multiverse" of gods and demons. The realms are pocket dimensions of limited size, while the universes within the multiverse have no limits and are practically infinite.