Why is Donald Trump ugly

Donald Trump gets the exit he deserves: one of the ugly images that will go down in history - Trump, the man who incites his far-right mob with constant lies to storm US democracy. It doesn't get any deeper.

Ugly pictures of his supporters hang in the Washington Capitol. And ugly pictures of himself giving a speech by means of which he should actually whistle back his previously incited pack. In doing so, he wraps what to say (that these armed lunatics should leave and go home) into what he wants to say (what a surprise: that the election would have been stolen).

After Congress confirmed Joe Biden's election victory on Thursday, there are still a few days until Biden's inauguration and maybe a few ugly pictures will be added - but Trump has lost. He's not just a loser, he's a bad loser, and that is what humanity will remember. He can rush his hardcore fans to the Capitol, but he doesn’t achieve anything.

On the contrary, that was probably too much of a drop. Trump is finally discredited after this Wednesday, another political career unimaginable. It doesn't help that the current president guarantees an orderly transfer of power after the Washington Night of Shame.

Because how can that still be possible after these four years? Everything Trump hands over is a heavily counted democracy, a bucket full of social shards. This is not an orderly handover: the man who stood up to "drain the swamp" created a swamp during his presidency in which the entire United States was in danger of sinking. The pictures from Thursday night are testimony to how close to twelve it was. It is impossible to imagine what four more years under Trump would have meant.

Trump's mob angry at the Capitol could even benefit his party. The Republicans have so far been more badly than right freeing themselves from the clutches of their president, into which they had previously willingly and submissively thrown themselves. You will be able to drop Trump now. They will be able to chase Trump out of the White House as if tarred and feathered and not have to shout hyped words of thanks after him. You no longer need to fear that he will tear them apart permanently. Trump is not going to be a serious movement that threatens the American conservatives because it is capable of establishing a majority. There are not so many madmen even in the USA after four years under "The Donald".

But Republicans shouldn't get away with this easily. Trump is their brood, they were Trump's incubator. The whole world has seen since 2016 that there has never been a more unsuitable person for the office of US President - nevertheless the Grand Old Party blindly followed him. He was her way to power. Now that the Democrats will control Congress after the Georgia runoff election, she's left with nothing.

Both the president and the party are on the ground - and that's where they belong after all the damage they have done. Trump's entire apparatus did not just sustain this man who was dismantling the United States. They celebrated him and boasted about him and his unspeakable manner! They were his fans, just like bearded Fascho hillbillys wearing Viking helmets who stormed the heart of American democracy are his fans. Some have their brains obscured by conspiracy myths, others by their thirst for power. The latter is even more despicable.

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