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Luxury travel delicacies: a special kind of glamping accessories

Do you like luxury camping? The term "glamping" has been around for a while and refers to "glamorous camping". In short, it's like camping but with the comforts of home - a proper bed, duvet, and often WiFi and running water. And if you want to make the experience a little more comfortable, here are a few accessories that you are sure to find extremely useful for your next glamping adventure.

Complete outdoor cooking system with 12 inch Dutch oven (6 pieces) from CampMaid

CampMaid makes some really neat Dutch oven accessories that you can use to turn a DO kit into a baking sheet, steamer, grill, pizza oven, and smoker. Dutch oven cooking has been around for hundreds of years without being revolutionized - until now. The CampMaid system is essentially the Swiss Army Knife of Dutch oven technology, consisting of serving stands, lid lifters, grill grates, charcoal holders and other accessories. By combining these accessories and a traditional Dutch oven, you can have a fully equipped portable kitchen anywhere.

Luxury vegan body care products from The Solid Bar Company

The Solid Bar Company makes organic, luxurious, solid, waterless shampoos and conditioners that are “salon approved” with the gentlest detergents and the addition of vitamin B5, protein, BTMS, etc. This means they are high quality, focused, and long lasting, which is great, they don't even need a bottle. The conditioner bar can also be used as a shaving tray. It is available in light, rustproof cans. It also means that you can just slip them into your purse on the plane. Why carry heavy bottles that are over 80% full with water when you don't need them?

The Solid Bar Company also makes insect repellant candles and bars (with 9 active ingredients) that are perfect for glamping with high quality, organic and easy to use products that can be used at any time of the year. To get a 20% discount, enter the code LUXURY20 at the checkout on the website.

PackLite Hero 2-in-1 charging lantern from LuminAID

Bring any RV adventure to life with the following 9.5 ounce accessories: LuminAID's PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger Lantern is a portable solar lantern and phone charger that are flat to 1 inch thick, yourself but expand to a full size camping lantern. It's the only portable device solution no matter where your family is. Use it to find your way around the campsite after dark, or charge your phone on the go. The user-friendly and durable PackLite Hero 2-in-1 supercharger is charged in the sun or via USB. It's waterproof, dustproof, and even floats on water. It's a must for RVs and glampers. In addition, these lights were invented by LuminAID, a company that works around the world to provide safe light to families in need.

Loop rope

It's time to dispose of the bungee cords and cargo nets. Forget mastering rope tricks that will only result in a knotted mess. Instead, pick up a LoopRope - a product known as “tape made from bungee cords”. With a wide variety of uses, the LoopRope is an attachment system designed for outdoor living. Flexible and functional, the uses are endless, from lashing storage equipment to hanging a clothesline on the glamping site. from docking jet skis to securing rafts, kayaks, bicycles or surfboards. The only limitation is your imagination!

Light scarf by Pang Wangle

This soft, lightweight bug repellent scarf from Pang Wangle is a versatile, fashionable outdoor / travel accessory. It looks great in many different configurations, and keeps mosquitos and ticks off your neck, shoulders, and head (no bug spray required in your hair!). The Journey scarf is environmentally friendly, has a hidden zip pocket and a built-in odorless insect repellent (Insect Shield®). Insect repellent clothing is recommended by both the CDC and the World Health Organization to help prevent insect-related diseases that are on the rise in the US and around the world. Insect Shield® has been tested and proven to be safe and effective for children and pets too!

The scarf is made from recycled single source jersey, so the color of the scarf comes from the recycled item - no dyes are used! The recycled yarn is made in a solar powered facility in North Carolina so there are no carbon emissions either! They are unisex and available in six colors: Beer Bottle Brown, Water Bottle Blue, Food Tray Black, Soda Pop Green, ReThink Pink (made from recycled ketchup bottles + cotton) and Clear Bottle White. Made in the USA and perfect for glamping and outdoors.

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