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“Three quarters 10”, “Quarter 12”: What time is it really?

While in large parts of Germany you get an answer like “It's a quarter to 1” when asked about the time, there are some regions where suddenly it says “It's ¾ 1”. If you have question marks and no exact time in mind when you say this, you will find help here.

Time indications such as “quarter nine” can be heard in Austria, East Germany, Swabia and Berlin, among other places. The “three quarters” format is also used in Bavaria.

What time is "three quarters 7"?

In order to get the correct time with the indication “quarter 10”, one should imagine a piece of cake. “Quarter 10” means it is a quarter of the whole, so from 10 o'clock. The correct time would therefore be 9:15 a.m. The same applies to the common indication of “half past nine”. Here you would have half of the cake labeled “9”, so in this case it is 8:30 am. Examples of the correct time with "quarter" specification:

TimeSpecification 1Specification 2 cake
10:00 a.mten o'clock or ten on the dotTen o'clock or ten on the dotFull of cake
10:15 amten fifteenquarter past elevenQuarter cake
10:30 amhalf past tenhalf past tenHalf a cake
10:45 a.m.quarter to elevenquarter to elevenThree quarters cake

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Three quarters of ten “: What time is it?

With this time specification, an hour is divided into quarters. At four quarters the hour would be full. For a quarter of this hour, you would divide 60 minutes / 4. The result is 15 minutes. The specified hour is therefore a quarter full. By “quarter 12” you mean a quarter of the hour 12, i.e. 11:15 am. More precisely, one would have to say at 11:45 am, “It is three quarters of 12 noon”.

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