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Enjoy a cold soup with fresh vegetables as a refreshing starter or light main course: Soups can be prepared quickly and without much effort in the mixer or with the hand blender and are therefore ideal as a cool change to a salad or snack in summer.

Enjoy cold soups - tasty & fresh

A very popular ingredient for cold soups is the vegetable cucumber. It has a high water content and a fresh taste that goes very well with other vegetables and can be refined with fine spices. Our cold cucumber soup, for example, is seasoned with mint, Worcestershire sauce and garlic and in small glasses, straight from the refrigerator, is an ideal starter for hot days.
As a main course, you can combine your cold soup - as in our recipe for cucumber soup with salmon - with fish. The light aromas of dill and fresh mini cucumbers go very well with the fresh salmon fillet cubes. For a vegetarian variant, fried zucchini or asparagus tips can also be served well with cold soup.

Tip: If you would like to enjoy your soup with slightly fruity or slightly tart spices, you should try our cold cucumber and melon soup: juicy melon and spicy rocket give the refreshing cucumber the desired taste. Discover even more delicious summer soups and light summer dishes!

And should you ever long for warm soups: Discover our varied winter soup recipes! For example, our hearty ajvar soup or our Austrian fried potato soup promise warm, hearty pleasure spoon for spoon!

Gazpachos with tomato - recipes for cold soups

One of the most famous cold soups is the Spanish gazpacho. The main component of the aromatic vegetable soup is made up of tomatoes. As in our recipe for an Andalusian gazpacho, cucumbers and green peppers are often used for the preparation. A cold tomato soup is just as suitable as a starter as a pure cucumber soup. It can also be refined with all kinds of ingredients: Try our Gazpacho Caprese with yellow and red cherry tomatoes, avocado and a small pinch of jalapeƱo chili.

Tip: If you would like to leave the spiciness of the soup to each of your guests, simply put a bottle of Tabasco on the table. The hot chili sauce goes very well with cold (tomato) soups.

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