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Parents discover instructions on suicide in clips on Youtube Kids

Suddenly the cartoon breaks off and a man takes the stage. He explains how one can commit suicide and indicates the appropriate steps with hand movements. Then he leaves the stage and the cartoon continues. "I'm upset, sad and disgusted," says a mother who happened to discover the scene. She wanted to distract her son, who had a nosebleed, with videos on Youtube, so she watched TV with him. She reported the clip, and YouTube reacted quickly.

"Extremely Dangerous"

But meanwhile other concerned parents have discovered the scene in numerous other videos, for example in videos for the Nintendo game "Splatoon". "It's extremely dangerous for our children," says blogger Free Hess to the Washington Post. She has been trying to find videos for months.

Youtube stated that it had "strict rules on the subject of self-harm". The spread of such clips is to be curbed by means of smart technologies and user reports. However, parents are finding more and more such clips, for example about school shooting or people smuggling. Youtube hit the headlines just last week after discovering a network of pedophiles sharing among popular videos for children. In response, numerous advertisers announced their departure.

"Trolls" should experience "serious consequences"

Nadine Kaslow, once president of the American Psychological Association, speaks of a "tragic situation" in which "trolls target children and encourage them to kill themselves." This should have "serious consequences" for the evildoers. In the UK, Instagram was the last topic of discussion after a young girl took her own life after viewing Instagram accounts on the subject of suicide. The British government is now even threatening to block Instagram if the social network does not react quickly. (red, 02/26/2019)

Contacts to contact points:

Social psychiatric emergency service / PSD (Vienna): Tel .: 01 31330, daily from midnight to midnight

Lower Austria crisis hotline: Tel .: 0800 20 20 16, daily from midnight to midnight

Telephone counseling (throughout Austria): Tel .: 142 (emergency call), daily from midnight to midnight

Crisis Intervention Center (Vienna): Tel .: 01 4069595, Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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