How do I start selling my doodles

First painting and doodling

With almost 14 months, your little one is more and more interested in putting small works of art on paper with a pen! Here you can find out more about this motor-creative milestone and how you can support your sweetheart in an age-appropriate manner.

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  • You are interested in how the first attempts at painting go with children.
  • You doubt a little that "normal" pens are already so suitable for your little one.
  • We have put together painting utensils for you that are perfect for the age of your child.

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Doodling also has to be learned

Even babies have a lot of fun with finger paints. The technical term for this is “track smearing”: the earliest type of visual expression in children. But meanwhile your little Picasso is already so fit with fine motor skills that he can hold a pen in his fist grip. This is a prerequisite for level 2: “Doodling”. Here, new toddlers move the pen in their hand quite spontaneously and involuntarily out of the shoulder joint. But over the next few months, the movement of the drawing will shift from the elbow and wrist to the finger joints. And even if the term “doodles” previously had a negative connotation for adults, parents now rightly feel one thing above all: huge pride in the first self-drawn pictures of their darling!


The best painting supplies to start with

You are now wondering how you can promote your child's painting skills? In principle, you don't have to do anything else than provide them with suitable painting tools that they can then freely experiment with. Of course, a lot of praise from you ensures even more motivation.

You're looking for that perfect painting base?

If your sweetheart really wants to let off steam artistically, the Creative Kids drawing roll is ideal. It is 30 cm wide and a total of 12 m long, so it can be spread out over a large area on the table or the floor, but of course it can also be cut into smaller pieces as required. The clue here: the multi-adhesive back. No matter how wild it may be when doodling at this age: This sheet of paper will not slip away! Afterwards, the finished works of art can be removed quickly and without leaving any residue.

Your sweetheart already loves to paint Finger paints?

Even the very youngest can be artistically active with finger paints long before they can hold pens in their hands. The SES "ECO" finger paint is particularly recommended for this, as it consists of 90 percent natural raw materials. If your child has already put so many colorful pictures on paper with their patchy hands that they could use a little variety, the Mucki finger paints textile are a great step up to "normal" finger paints. Clothes, bags, tablecloths, cloths and the like can be painted with it and little creative minds are allowed to play not only painters, but even fashion designers.

Your little artist needs now good, first pens?

So that crayons are easy to grip even for small children's hands, they should above all be short and a little thick. Good tips are rounded and therefore harmless, but also stable and break-proof. So it doesn't matter if you press too hard while scribbling or if a pen falls on the floor. The high water solubility of the colors is another big plus. Because this is the only way to remove them easily if the creativity of your sweetheart knew no limits in an unobserved moment. Crayola Mini Kids crayons meet all these criteria, and they are also available in different versions:

Wax painter are probably the classic first pens for children. The Crayola Jumbo wax crayons come in a large set of 24 and a practical storage box.

But also colored pencils is available in a child-friendly, stable form: The Crayola Jumbo colored pencils in a pack of 8 are also each decorated with color-coordinated animal motifs.

Felt-tip pens aren't they for the little ones at all? The eight washable Crayola Mini Kids felt-tip pens with a specially developed thick, rounded tip prove the opposite.

You'd rather have one guaranteed spot-free alternative?

Washable pens or not: Would you prefer if annoying stains could not appear in the first place while painting? Then the ideal solution for you and your little one is called "Aqua Doodle"! Because here you actually paint exclusively with water, which is simply filled directly into a thick pen. Then you can paint as usual, just on a special surface. This changes color when it comes into contact with the water. And when it dries, the color just disappears again.

This is for toddlers XXL variant especially interesting. Because with Ravensburger Aqua Doodle Color you can paint while standing and even on the wall, as the painting mat can be hung on loops. The perfect variant for all children who do not like to sit still. Because here your sweetheart can be active while painting with the whole body.

On road can your darling be distracted by painting? With the Ravensburger Aqua Doodle Travel you can doodle anywhere without worrying. Because here we are dealing with two painting surfaces with a stable painting base, which come in a practical pocket shape to carry and unfold.