What is the pesto intake model

Rice noodle salad with Asian pesto and minced poultry balls. A summer salad to eat your fill.

There's hack, baby! A summery light salad with minced poultry balls, rice noodles, lots of vegetables and a large portion of Asian flavor. Because the aromatic rice noodle salad is a real all-rounder in summer - it is excellent for lunch in the office, for dinner, at a picnic in the meadow or at brunch. And with the right little kitchen helper, it's ready in no time.

Since you rarely get minced poultry from the butcher, I just make the mince for my balls myself in just a minute. The good news: You don't need huge kitchen machines to make great minced meat at home. A powerful hand blender with chopping accessories does the job just as well in the blink of an eye. So you can prepare great, very fresh variations with exactly the meat, ingredients and spices that you want in your meal. (And also has a lot of cupboard space, nech).

But my summer rice noodle salad not only scores with tender, spicy minced poultry balls - instead of dressing, we mix a wonderfully green and aromatic Asian pesto made from coriander, some chilli, lime and two or three other little things. All ingredients go into the mixing bowl and - ggghhhrrrrrrrrrrr - 30 seconds later the creamy pesto is ready for the salad insert. To do this, we cook the rice noodles in 3-4 minutes, quickly dice a little vegetables and arrange everything together on a beautiful platter ... great rice noodle salad love!

So - chop off and have it delicious! ღ