Is my life is a race

Translation of "run for your life" in English

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If a fire breaks out anywhere ... you can run for your life... and burn those who cannot.
If there is a fire ... you can run for your life... and let those who can not run burn.
Slip into the role of our protagonist and take part in a futuristic competition where you run for your life as bloodthirsty wolves and horrific monsters chase you through a maze.
Slip into the protagonist's role and participate in a futuristic contest where you'll have to run for your life while fighting rabid wolves and gruesome monsters in a maze.

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You will sit nicely while I am around mine Life run.
You'll stay right there while I. run for my life.
We should get married, plan our honeymoon, not ours Run life.
We should be getting married, planning our honeymoon, not running for our lives.
But she doesn't let her be around her Run life.
But doesn't make them run for their lives.
Women and children around her Run life.
Evan, we should take care of ours Run life.
I would care for my Run life.
She will care about her Run life.
Now we had to get ours Run life.
Now we were forced to run for our lives,
If you turn into a nasty and rotten corpse with this mega appearance, they will all be around you Run life.
If you turn this mega performance into a nasty and decayed corpse, they will all run for their lives.
Instead of being in control of the US, he's scared to be to Paraguay Run life to have to.
Rather than being in control in the US, he fears having to run for his life to Paraguay.
I had to toss a raw steak and get mine Run life.
I had to throw a raw steak and run for my life.
He would be over Run life!
And while everyone else is around her Run life, you can quickly bring all my things to Lynn's room.
While everyone runs for their lives you move everything of mine into Lynn's room.
And we will care for ours Run life
If you see a man coming your way with the obvious intention of doing you good, then you should care for yours Run life.
If you see a man approaching you with the obvious intention of doing you good, you should run for your life.
Can we discuss this when we're not around ours Run life?
Maybe we could discuss this sometime when we're not running for our lives.
When I am about my Life run, I am not sure that I would take this time.
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