Animals besides spiders weave webs

Spider web

The Spider web (also Cobwebs called) is a block that slows the player and most other objects as they pass through.

Extraction [edit]

Occurrence [edit]

Cobwebs can be found individually in mines in many places. In addition, the spawners of cave spiders are surrounded by it in large numbers.

They also hang in fortress libraries, and there is a single network in the laboratory of some igloos. Individual rooms in forest properties also contain spider webs and they can also be found in the zombie villages.


A spider web drops a thread when you destroy it with a sword or a piston. It will drop itself if you tear it down with scissors.

If the spider web is broken down with a sword or scissors, the process takes about 1.5 seconds. If no suitable tool is used, it takes about 25 seconds and the spider web is destroyed in the process.

If the spider web is broken down with a sword, it will be used up twice as quickly.

Properties [edit]

  • While in spider webs, the speed of movement is slowed down by about 85%.
  • A player falls through a spider web at a speed of 0.07 m / s
  • Jumping is not possible in a spider web.
  • They brake the player heavily if he falls into the net and reset the height of the fall, i. H. it only begins to count again below the net.
  • Sand and gravel slowly fall through the net and are destroyed in the process, so that they fall out as a drop.
  • Drops thrown into the net will fall out after about 26 seconds.
  • All animals and monsters except spiders and cave spiders are slowed down when moving in spider webs.
  • Carts falling through a cobweb from above are also slowed down.
  • However, if a player drives a cart through a spider web that is at head height, the cart drives unhindered under the web and the player's head does not get stuck in it.
  • In creative mode you can fly unchecked through spider webs. Walking and falling remain slowed down unchanged. However, flying arrows penetrate unhindered through cobwebs.
  • Lava and water flow freely through cobwebs and destroy them. With water, at least the thread is dropped.

Use [edit]

Spider webs provide threads and are used to slow down or reduce the fall damage of players or creatures, and they are also used for decoration, in which several together represent a plume of smoke that rises from a chimney, for example.

Processing [edit]

The recipe only exists in the Bedrock Edition

Surname ingredients Input ┬╗Output
threadSpider web


  • Notch originally planned for spiders to produce cobwebs during normal gameplay.[1]
  • Destroying a spider's web produces the same sound as stone.
  • A cart can fall unchecked through a cobweb over a rail onto the track.

Gallery [edit]

  • Spider web placed in the world with a hitbox displayed

  • Naturally generated spider webs in a mine

  • Cobwebs in the library of a fortress

  • Single spider web in the laboratory of an igloo

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History [edit]

Version history of the Java Edition
Survival Test0.27
  • Cobwebs are included in the file for some time, but were not present as a block in the game
Beta 1.5
  • Cobwebs added but are only available with modifications
  • The texture is no longer completely white, but rather resembles the color scheme of the thread
  • Cobwebs inflict suffocation damage when walking through them
  • Cobwebs can be broken down with scissors, but they only drop threads
Beta1.8(Beta 1.8-pre1)
  • Cobwebs can of course be found in forts and mines
  • The player no longer suffocates if found in a spider web
Full version 1.0(1.0-rc1)
  • Spider webs disintegrate on contact with lava or water
Full version 1.2(12w04a)
Full version 1.4.4(1.4.4-pre)
  • Walking through cobwebs in Creative Mode will still slow you down, but not flying through them
Full version 1.4.6(1.4.6-pre)
  • You can get cobwebs with scissors that come with Cautiousnessis enchanted
Full version 1.8
  • Renaming of Cobwebs to Spider web
Full version 1.9
Full version 1.11(16w39a)
Full version 1.13(17w47a)
Versions of the Bedrock Edition
Alpha 0.8.0 (build 6)
Full version 1.1.0 (
  • The spider web can be processed into nine threads
Full version 1.4.0 (
  • Cobwebs can be placed underwater and are flooded with water