Why is the TARDIS so big

How big is the interior of the TARDIS?

short version : No, we just know that it's bigger inside.

Long version : The exact size, shape, and layout of the TARDIS have never been fully described, and the layout may change depending on the time of year and the author. The only permanent room in the TARDIS is the main control room (the room with the center console that can be seen in almost every episode). Even this room changes, usually getting a new layout or minor improvements when there is a new doctor (but occasionally the middle doctor changes).

There are several other "known" rooms, including a library, a wardrobe, a monastery room / bell (the monastery bell sounds when danger threatens), a retaining ring (in which rooms of former companions could be found) and a swimming pool. ( Source ). In addition, there are various storage rooms and it is assumed that each companion, when they join the doctor on his travels, will be given a room in which to store all his belongings. There are also rooms that store groceries, some bathrooms, many corridors, medical bays, and possibly any number of other rooms that are used for any number of other purposes.

Additionally, there is at least one secondary control room used by the eleventh doctor for a period of time, and in The Doctor's Wife the TARDIS mentions that it has "archived thirty control rooms," only 12 of which have taken place so far. Further details on the various control rooms can be found here: TARDIS control rooms


I believe there was a temporary reference to "number eight squash court".


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I clearly remember an episode with Peter Davison as a doctor in which there was an emergency and the doctor had to ditch rooms. The big point of tension in the plot was that the rooms were chosen at random, so there was a risk that the control room would be one of the dropped rooms, but of course that didn't happen (the main characters never die!). I remember he said there were an infinite number of rooms and that bothered me.


@steveha - the consequence is Castrovalva part 1 (Season 19 episode 1). The episode actually gives a vague indication of the extent of the TARDIS, at least in some ways - the mass of the discarded spaces is converted to thrust (via an unknown mechanism of unknown efficiency) and stated "17,000 tons" would be "enough, and that is" let's say 25% "of the mass of the" architecture "of the TARDIS.