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Wide-angle lens: the ultimate focal length comparison [10 to 24 mm full format]

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Focal length comparison with the wide-angle lens

That's really how big the difference between 10, 18 and 24 mm focal length is

Well worth it Ultra wide angle lens? And how big are the differences between 10, 18 and 24 mm (on full format)? That's exactly what we tell you here in our Focal length comparison. We'll show you different focal lengths - starting with an incredible 10 mm up to 24 mm.

You will be amazed how big the differences between the different focal lengths really are. Have fun with our big one Wide angle comparison.

For whom is an (ultra) wide-angle lens worthwhile?

“I call it the beast,” a photography student once told me. The beast - he meant that Ultra wide angle lens. The extreme angle of view enables unique landscape shots (tips for unique landscape photos). However, you need a lot of practice if you want to take great pictures with the wide-angle lens.

With an ultra-wide-angle lens, you can bring seemingly unimportant details into the focus of the viewer and give the photo a completely new effect. Objects in the foreground appear huge, while imposing mountains suddenly appear very small in the background.

Just a few millimeters in the focal length make an immense difference. With the 24 mm focal length of a light wide-angle lens, you will never achieve such results as with an ultra-wide-angle lens with 14 mm, 12 mm or even 10 mm.

In the information here I always refer to that Full format like the Sony Alpha 7 series or the Canon 5 series.

10 mm focal length on full frame without fisheye effect? You read that right Canon and Sony offer “only” ultra-wide-angle lenses with a focal length of up to 11 and 12 mm for their full-frame cameras. Nikon photographers have to be content with the full format with a 14 mm focal length.

The Chinese manufacturer Laowa offers a 10-18 mm f / 4.5-5.6 10 mm ultra wide angle lens for Nikon Z and Sony E (full frame) with a huge angle of view of 130 °. Converted to an APS-C camera, this corresponds to a focal length of around 6 mm.

Only that is even more extreme Laowa 9 mm f / 5.6 FF RL (for Nikon Z, Sony E, Leica L / Panasonic L, Leica M) with an incredible 9 mm focal length on full format (without fisheye effect) and an angle of view of 135 °.

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Focal length 10 mm

A focal length of 10 mm on the full frame is extreme. There are not very many motifs that can be staged really well with this focal length. But if you find such a photo motif, you are guaranteed to be rewarded with unique pictures.

Focal length 14mm

Focal length 15mm

Focal length 16mm

Focal length 17mm

Focal length 18mm

Focal length 19mm

Focal length 20mm

Focal length 21mm

Focal length 22mm

Focal length 23mm

Focal length 24mm

All focal lengths from 14mm to 24mm at a glance

Extreme differences in focal length

As you can see, the difference between 10, 14, 18 and 24 mm focal length on the full frame is huge. Anyone who works with such an extreme focal length should definitely look for a prominent foreground. Now, if you're wondering if you need to spend a small fortune on a wide-angle lens, I can put your mind at ease. The cheapest glasses for Canon, for example, start at a good 200 euros. Nikon only starts at around 700 euros.

But of course there are also third-party providers such as Sigma, Tamron and Tokina who have significantly cheaper lenses on offer. You can find an overview of the common wide-angle lenses here on our blog. If you still haven't had enough: We have put together recommendations for tripods, tripod heads, camera backpacks and filters here.


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