How do people communicate like plants

Underrated plants

Plants protect and fight back

It's not just about perception: Plants can also adapt to different situations and react appropriately. They have developed ingenious strategies with which they can defend themselves against overly intrusive visitors, for example by forming pointed spikes and thorns, barbs or crystal hairs.

They are also amazing chemists who can make a wide variety of substances. Their repertoire ranges from unpleasant-tasting substances such as bitter substances to the deadly poison of a deadly nightshade. And in particularly stubborn cases, they also seek help from others, for example by luring the enemies of their enemies with special messenger substances. For example, predatory bugs, whose menu includes voracious caterpillars.

Some plants even warn each other. If a maple tree is attacked by pests, for example, it produces a chemical warning substance that it releases into the air through the stomata on its leaves. The surrounding trees pick up the warning via their stomata and begin to arm themselves accordingly.

Sex with plants

Other fragrances are used in reproduction. For creatures with a limited radius, finding and getting together with a potential partner is a real challenge. Here, too, outside help is necessary, especially from insects, which are attracted by the corresponding scent and the appearance of the flowers.

While there is usually something to eat for the flying crawlers, the plant is about sex. She uses the visit as a messenger of love to whom she entrusts her pollen - in the hope that he will bring him to a partner and thus fertilization can take place.

Communicate with scent

Plants produce a large number of chemical messengers that belong to the group of so-called aromatics, acetogenins and terpenes. They are not only used to attract insects, but also to communicate with each other.

Japanese researchers discovered in the spring of 2014 that tomato plants warn their neighboring plants of predators. Plants are therefore neither silent nor helpless. You are even very communicative.