What if you use expired lipstick

Three quarters of women use expired beauty products | Beware of
Gammel cosmetics!

If at some point the nail polish becomes viscous and can no longer be applied, every woman knows: this stuff has to be thrown away. However, there is a problem with lipsticks, mascara, powder & Co.: You cannot tell immediately when the expiration date has passed. No wonder that three quarters of all German women use cosmetics that have expired, according to surveys. Consequence: itching, red pustules up to purulent blisters.

Dermatologist Dr. Afschin Fatemi, head of the S-thetic Clinic in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Munich, explains at BILD why rotten cosmetics damage the skin and what needs to be considered with beauty products.

How long can cosmetics keep?

According to the Cosmetics Ordinance, cosmetic products must at least 30 months Be durable - of course, this relates to goods in their original packaging. A symbol in the form of an opened cosmetic jar and the information in months on the packaging provide information about the shelf life.

Fatemi: It is best to write down the date on which the product was opened on the jar, tube or bottle. "

The rule does not apply to opened lipsticks, eye shadows and mascara brushes, they should be checked for hygienic reasons one year at the latest wander in the trash.

Why does cosmetics get “scruffy” relatively quickly?

Every time the cream pot is opened, the mascara brush in the bottle pumped up and down or the face is powdered with the brush, bacteria and germs settle in pots and pans. Consequence: The shelf life of the product is reduced and the date on the packaging is no longer valid.

What do Gammel cosmetics do to my skin?

Fatemi: "If eye shadow, lipstick and liquid make-up are spoiled, it can lead to skin inflammation or allergic reactions."

Which cosmetics last for how long?

The most important rule: do not expose it to excessive heat, light or moisture!

Excess mascara Wipe with a clean cloth, do not wipe in the vial. Fatemi: “Otherwise too much air (and with it germs) will get into the cartridge, and the mascara would also dry out faster. In general, mascara should be replaced after six months at the latest, as bacteria can spread faster in the moist substance.

Face creams fulfill their care assignment for about half a year to a year after they are opened. Tip: Use a spatula to prevent contamination from entering the crucible. Bacteria and oxygen break down the ingredients of creams, the resulting breakdown substances can irritate or even damage the skin. Then immediately throw them in the trash with the products and, to be on the safe side, go to the doctor if skin irritation has developed. Tip: If the texture becomes crumbly, extremely thin or smells unpleasantly rancid, the product should be removed immediately.

Facial cleanser Usually lasts for up to two years, facial toner containing alcohol even three. Pay attention to the consistency and fragrance, if you are unsure: put it away!

Self-tanner should be used up after six months at the latest, otherwise they will lose their tanning effect.

Perfume essences better buy in small bottles. They are very sensitive to light and heat. Once opened, a fragrance only retains its typical note for about one, sometimes two years, provided it is stored in a dark and cool place.

nail polish usually becomes viscous after three years. But some also last for five years and can continue to be used without hesitation. Tip: Remove paint residue from the bottle neck, otherwise the cap will stick and cannot be opened.

powder can be stored for a couple of years because it contains no water that could attract bacteria. Liquid foundations can be used for up to two years. Tip: Brushes or sponges with which the powder is applied should, however, be cleaned or replaced regularly.

Eyeshadow lasts up to three years, cream eye shadow is better to dispose of after a year. Tip: Do not let powder eyeshadow get damp, otherwise it will go moldy.

► Once opened, is Body lotion Can be kept for a maximum of one year. Always keep the bottle or jar tightly closed. If oil has settled, dispose of the lotion immediately. Tip: buy hygienic pump dispenser.

Lipsticks can survive for about three years. They are not used until they smell or taste musty, crumble or small oil droplets form. Tip: Close the pens tightly and protect them from light and sun, otherwise waxes and fats will melt.

► Good news: Eyeliner pencils can be used almost indefinitely.

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