How do I get dramatic smoky eyes

look into my eyes

Tips for the right equipment

Before you can start applying your Smokey Eyes make-up, you need the right equipment. These include eyeshadow brushes, eye shadows in a lighter and darker shade and black mascara. A black eyeliner brings more drama to the look.

Which color goes with which eye color

In terms of color, brown and purple suit most. Green and brown eyes go best with greens, while blue goes great with blue and brown eyes. Tip: If you love a classic look, choose a deep black. Be careful with very light eyes, they are optically swallowed by colors that are too dark.

Applying make-up to smokey eyes: this is how it works

Applying make-up to Smokey Eyes is easy: First, prime and powder the upper eyelid. Apply the eyeshadow around the eye close to the lash line from the outside in. Gently fade out the eyeshadow in fine back and forth movements until it reaches the bone of the eye socket on the upper eyelid. Round the eyes with dark kohl and slightly blur outwards. If you want to emphasize the eyeliner more, draw a line with the eyeliner over the upper lash line.

Don't forget the mascara and the smokey eyes are ready. As a tip for women who like to be quick when it comes to make-up, the eyeshadow can also be omitted and only a kohl pencil can be used. Once around the eyes, gently blur and the express smokey eyes look is perfect.