How can I get a friend 2

15 and no boyfriend - how can I get a boyfriend?

I am 18 years old, female and have never had a boyfriend, first kiss, etc. while all of my friends have had. I'm really bothered by it and I feel like I'm going to stay single forever. Somehow no boys are interested in me either (1-2 years ago there were some who were interested in me, but they weren't for me). I am very picky and very shy. It's probably because of that. Besides, I never go to partying or parties or anything. I'm more of the quiet person who hangs out with friends or watches anime ^^ My best friend says I should be patient. I have no male friends other than him. I've been in love twice before but these guys didn't care about me. The second one I fell in love with is going to my school. A year ago I was still often with our friends during the breaks with him. We wrote and talked to each other. We also met up with friends once. He was a colleague to me, but even then I loved him and had my hopes. My girlfriend said he thinks I'm pretty. Ah, what was I happy about ... Well ... Now he has a girlfriend and I no longer have any contact with him, which makes me very sad. I still love him and I am very depressed because in my eyes he was the perfect boy ... My heart aches every time I see him. His girlfriend also goes to our school and I always see them together. I'm totally desperate and sad. Somehow I think I am expecting too much. Maybe I should just give up and accept that nobody wants me. Sorry for my depression: D