What are some Photoshop tips

32 brilliant tricks for Photoshop

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Quick settings, blending modes, rounding off image corners, softening freckles, simulating the sun, 70s look, filtering with background color, removing noise by channel, mid-tone contrast, drama for city images and more - we show you the best tips for Adobe Photoshop.

Quick setting for multiple images

Settings can be assigned to an entire series of images in Photoshop. Open the desired correction dialog, such as tonal value correction. Click on the button with the three lines and the arrow ("Default options"), then on "Save default" and enter a name.

Open the next image, call up the tone correction function again, click on "Preset Options" and then on "Load Preset". Then select the saved profile.

Use blending methods correctly
You do not need to remember the exact calculation result of a filling method - because the effect differs depending on the motif. The arrangement of the filling methods makes it easier to predict the effect. As a rule, the filling method is "Normal", here the lower layer is masked from the upper layer and can only come to light via the opacity control. "Sprinkle" is interesting for painting tools to change color by chance.

The following blending methods are divided into groups: The first group produces darker results, the second lighter, and the third only calculates the color values ​​of the layers (which can lead to darker as well as lighter results). Finally, with “Difference” and “Exclusion” there are two posterization effects and in the last group there is a calculation according to color, saturation and brightness. "Copy into each other", "Soft light", "Hard light", "Difference" and "Color tone" are interesting for alienating templates. The other blending methods are suitable for calculating colored areas with structures or layers.