Are fullerenes C60 safe in face creams

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Due to its electron configuration, the chemical element carbon can form any number of compounds and thus form extremely complex molecules. Without this variety of compounds of carbon, no life on earth would be possible.


In its pure form, i.e. without any connection with other elements, carbon occurs as graphite, diamond and, of course, as fullerene. This last form was not artificially made until 1985 by chemists Robert F. Curl, Harald W. Kroto, and Richard E. Smalley. Their discovery was so groundbreaking that they received the Nobel Prize for it in 1996. Hardly anyone expected that such a stable and symmetrical carbon modification would be possible other than the previously known.


The surprise of the scientists was even greater when it later turned out that this carbon modification also occurs in nature: among other things in precious jungle rock. Over a dozen forms of fullerene are now known. The first discovered and so far best known is C60. It is the most symmetrical and stable fullerene. The molecule is spherical and consists of 60 carbon atoms connected to form pentagons and hexagons. C.60 is also the fullerene form that occurs in noble shungite.


The fullerene is named after this shape. The C60-Molecule is reminiscent of the so-called geodesic domes, as they were designed by the architect Richard Buckminster Fuller. It is therefore also called Buckminster fullerene or "Bucky Ball". The name fullerene has also become common for all other known fullerene species.


The discovery of fullerenes in space in 2010 was also sensational. According to the current state of research, this makes them the largest molecules in space. It seems reasonable to assume that they could even be the key to organic life.


Research is currently working feverishly to make fullerenes usable for technical and, above all, medical purposes. Studies are ongoing into the possibility of treating AIDS with the help of fullerenes. Fullerenes are already being used in anti-aging creams. They are said to bind free radicals and slow down the aging process of the skin.


But you can also use the positive properties of fullerenes for yourself if you use precious jungle products: as body jewelry or as water treatment.