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Translation of "accusation of" in English

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charge of accusation of
In many cases it is Accusation of Fraud not justified.
In many cases, the charge of fraud is not justified.
There is always a care allowance Accusation of Abuse.
Next to the Accusation of Spreading false news, they were charged with using unregistered equipment and editing videos for the purpose of disturbing public order.
In addition to the allegation of spreading false news, they were accused of using non-registered equipment and producing videos with intent to disrupt public order.
According to the pastor's relatives and church groups, the Accusation of Human trafficking is unfounded and the pastor is persecuted and harassed for his convictions.
His family and church groups say the allegations of trafficking are false and that the pastor is being persecuted and harassed for his beliefs.
The Accusation of Anti-Semitism is an absurd and despicable lie.
The charge of anti-Semitism is an absurd and contemptible lie.
By their lavish lifestyle and that Accusation of Her head was cut off on Revolution Square for high treason.
Due to her lavish lifestyle and the charge of high treason, she was struck off her head at the Revolution Square.
Defense against the Accusation of Naturalism.
From Accusation of He was last acquitted of illicit possession and cultivation of narcotic drugs in January 2005.
He was most recently acquitted of a charge of unlawful possession and cultivation of narcotics in January 2005.
Al-Hasakah: acquittal from Accusation of Police murder
Al-Hasakah: Acquittal of charges of murdering a police officer
Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizade were victims of a staged brawl four months ago, but subsequently as "perpetrators" under the Accusation of Hooliganism arrested.
Four months ago, Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizade were attacked in a staged fight, only to afterwards be arrested as the "perpetrators" on charges of hooliganism.
Since there was no official legal process, it remained unclear what the cause of the Accusation of Treason.
As there was no judicial process, it remains unclear what prompted the charge of treason.
Pridi Phanomyong was dated Accusation of Communism acquitted, but its economic plan largely not pursued.
Pridi Phanomyong was expelled from the charge of communism, but his economic plan was largely ignored.
The Uyghurs who dated Accusation of Terrorism acquitted are represented by leading US lawyers.
The Uighurs, who were exonerated from the charge of terrorism, are being represented by leading lawyers from the USA.
The Marathas already from Zulfiqar Khan, who the Accusation of Deccan Suba was given by Bahadur Shah in 1708 who rally to the right and Chauth sardeshmukhi in the Deccan.
The Marathas had already secured from Zulfiqar Khan, who was given the charge of Deccan suba by Bahadur Shah in 1708, the right to collect chauth and sardeshmukhi in the Deccan.
On August 8, 2011, Pakistan had five Uyghurs (among them two children and one woman) under the Accusation of "Terrorism" deported.
On 8th of August 2011, Pakistan deported five Uyghurs (including two children and one woman) to Thailand, based on charges of "terrorism".
She saw it as her "raison d'être" to promote Pound's work and his reputation against the Accusation of Defend anti-Semitism and fascism.
She saw it as her raison d'être to promote Pound's work and defend his reputation against charges of anti-Semitism and Fascism.
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