How should I start learning Cinema 4D

Learn 3D design & modeling. How to start

QuickSilverEX wrote:

yes, I was already thinking of Blender! But the opinion is pretty clear on that. The service is said to be bad.

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The operation of Blender is not bad, it is just differently thought out.
You have to / should do a lot with the keyboard, Blender is definitely not "klickibunti".

But there is an excellent wikibook for Blender, which is a wonderful introduction to the operation of the program.
And Blender can do a lot.

From simple modeling to complex animations and even games.

But it has to be said that Blender does not have its own engine in the same way as C4D.
You look in vain for a "hair plug", as well as other things.
It is much more "manual work".
Whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage remains to be seen, I see it as an advantage, especially for learners.

Just have a look at
And a good example of blinding work is "Elephants Dream", an open source film.

I would definitely recommend Blender to anyone looking to learn 3D because it forces the learner to study different techniques instead of just "using" them.
What's more, it's free, and nothing is more frustrating than having flipped over 1,000 euros to find out that 3D isn't that good after all