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Water-repellent Bluetooth headphones - 4 questions, 4 answers

Teufel has water-repellent Bluetooth headphones in its range - high time for us to present them on the blog, because these types of headphones are actually a segment into which not many manufacturers have penetrated yet. We answer the four most important questions on the topic.

What do you actually need water-repellent Bluetooth headphones for?

Like all technical devices, headphones have one sensitive technology installed, which can be damaged by the action of water. This is especially annoying when it comes to an expensive branded product that you paid a lot of money for. Water-repellent or waterproof headphones are designed to solve this problem.

Water-repellent headphones are especially suitable for athletes and other people who are often outside and who then want their music with them. Thanks to the water protection, sweat, rain and other liquids cannot harm the headphones. Waterproof Bluetooth headphones also have the advantage that Playback device independent of the headphones and you can move more freely without cables, especially when doing sports. And from IPX class 7 (see below) you can even shower with them.

Can you go swimming with waterproof headphones?

The swimming pool is probably the ultimate test for waterproof Bluetooth headphones. And in fact, depending on the model, they make it possible to listen to music despite waves, splashing water and brief immersion.

However with restrictions: Bluetooth technology is not yet so advanced that data can be received underwater, which disrupts the enjoyment of music when breaststroke, diving and crawling. Reception can also break off at a distance of 10 meters from the playback source, which becomes a problem in pools with 25 to 50 meters. So when you buy waterproof Bluetooth headphones, you'll either need to bring pool-grade playback devices or position the device on the edge of the pool so that the headphones receive a signal most of the time. You should also pay attention to the exact water protection of the headphones. The same applies to snorkeling on vacation. If you choose a wired model instead, you have to be prepared for hefty prices.

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What types of water protection (IPX protection) are there?

Overall there is nine different protection classes against water, to which devices of all kinds and thus also headphones are assigned. The protection classes are designated with two digits: The first digit (in table X) stands for protection against foreign bodies; the second digit describes the protection against water. Here you can find the protection classes against water with examples:

IP classprotection againstexample
IPX0No protectionNo protection
IPX1Dripping waterAccidentally got some water, sweating while exercising
IPX2Falling dripping waterLight rain with some wind
IPX3Falling water sprayDrizzle or damp fog
IPX4Splash water on all sidesHeavy rain / showers
IPX5Water jetStand under the sprinkler
IPX6Strong jet of waterstorm
IPX7Temporary immersiontake a shower
IPX8Continuous immersionSwimming in moving water
IPX9High pressure / steam jetProtection against everything

The protection classes are DIN standardized and uniformly valid worldwide. Even so, you should still exercise caution when using it. The water-repellent Bluetooth headphones from Teufel - the Move BT - are certified with protection class IP54 and are therefore resistant to all things that can happen in normal outdoor use, even in bad weather. However, you shouldn't take them with you for swimming.

What else do I have to pay attention to when buying?

When buying headphones, you should of course not only make sure that there is water protection, but also take other factors into account.

  • Sound: Make sure you like the sound of the headphones, because that's still the focus.
  • Optics: Don't buy headphones that make you feel uncomfortable with wearing them because they don't look particularly good.
  • Use: Bluetooth headphones are always an advantage, but especially when doing sports; Otherwise, you can freely choose whether you want to buy wireless or wired headphones.
  • Stop: It is just as important (not only for sports) that the headphones sit and hold optimally, for example not sliding or pinching.
  • In-ear, on-ear, over-ear: Think about which construction you prefer. In-ear headphones are best for sports, otherwise you have a free choice.
  • Battery life: Although Bluetooth is energy-saving, it still needs electricity. Therefore, pay attention to the battery life so that the music is not gone all at once.

Even protected from holy water: waterproof Bluetooth devices from Teufel

  • ▶ ROCKSTER GO: The ideal companion for a day at the Wannsee or on the Westerland beach - or wherever you like. Waterproof according to IPX7: the ROCKSTER GO doesn't mind a few showers and waves. The battery lasts up to 12 hours - that's enough for a campfire. Bluetooth with aptX enables music streaming in CD-like quality.
  • ▶ ROCKSTER CROSS: With the ROCKSTER CROSS we go a step further: battery charge up to 16 hours, party mode for playing two smartphones alternately and integrated hands-free system for wireless calls. Thanks to the thick-walled housing, it is also optimally armed against impacts and also protected against water jets (according to IPX5).

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  • You can wear water-repellent or waterproof Bluetooth headphones for sports or other outdoor activities.
  • There are nine different water protection classes that are standardized worldwide.
  • From IPX8 you can even go swimming with the headphones - but the Move BT by Teufel are only intended for outdoor exercise and can withstand a rain shower.

For more information and tips on Bluetooth headphones, see another blog article. There we explain the construction methods in more detail.