How is radio advertising selling

TV and radio advertising

These channels are expensive and complicated to use. Nevertheless, they also offer an efficient advertising tool for SMEs.

Television is ubiquitous in Swiss households, and every car has a radio. TV advertising undoubtedly has the greatest impact, but radio listeners cannot avoid the commercials in the car or bathroom either. Unfortunately, this form of advertising is also the most expensive, and SMEs often assume that they cannot afford it. But you shouldn't give up so quickly, because there are ways to produce radio and television advertising inexpensively.

Golden rules

SMEs should never produce television advertising themselves. Today's viewers are too used to professionally produced advertising. Advertising that appears cheap would therefore damage the company's image. It is therefore essential to hire a production company. In order to save costs, a simple spot can be produced in which, for example, the company boss stands alone in front of the camera in front of a neutral background and transmits a concise advertising message.

The situation is different with radio: if the company has an employee with knowledge in this area, it can also record a short commercial itself. However, if you want to start a more ambitious advertising campaign (costing over CHF 10,000), you should turn to professionals.

There is a golden rule when it comes to radio advertising: a commercial usually has to be heard three to five times before it leads to a purchase decision. It has to be broadcast 27 to 30 times on the same channel to achieve this result. If you have to choose, bet on a frequent air rather than a long commercial.

Production of television or radio advertisements

SMEs should not write their own scripts for commercials. The executives should turn to advertising agencies with ideas, who then design the spot. How to produce a successful advertisement:

  • The subject of advertising must be summarized in a few lines. The goals must be clear: is it about the announcement of the opening of a new store or about the July sale? The advertising agency knows what to do.
  • The concept must arouse the curiosity of the target audience. Specialists help SMEs to produce exciting commercials.
  • The target audience's attention needs to be caught in the first three seconds. Otherwise the viewer or listener switches.
  • Advertising has to tell a story. It has to present the offer in an entertaining way.
  • The name of the company has to be mentioned several times. It should appear at least three times every 30 seconds.

Cooperation with a production company

TV and radio stations sometimes offer SMEs to produce the commercials in their studios. But you can also hire independent production companies. These have the advantage of producing unique and original commercials. The following advice should be taken into account in this collaboration:

  • Check out a production company's commercials before placing an order with them. This is how you get to know the style of the advertising agency.
  • Ask for a quote. The production company must provide you with a detailed estimate: price for the use of the recording studio, the material, the music rights, the post-production and the performers.
  • Meet the performers. If possible, ask the performers to rehearse the copy in front of one of your employees. This helps avoid mistakes such as incorrectly pronouncing the company name. The performers can adapt quickly. You can also ask them to appear more enthusiastic or sadder depending on the concerns of the campaign.
  • Follow the post-production of the TV or radio spot on site. That way, the production company can ask questions of your representative and get answers instantly. This saves you time and money.

Source: Small Business Marketing Kit For Dummies, Barbara Findlay Schenck, John Wiley & Sons Inc, 2012.