Can I get my cheating husband back?

To all the scammers out there - karma will take revenge!

At least a quarter of all men say of themselves that they have had an affair before. Every tenth woman says the same about herself. That said, chances are you've cheated on someone before. Maybe you even take it lightly and have even wondered why the other person is so upset?

What you do to a scam

In that case, we would like to take the time to explain to you why it is so bad to cheat on someone. We want to show you what you actually do with a scam. And we especially want to let you know that the point will come when you will be billed for your behavior. Karma will take revenge. Now the person you cheated on is crying. But in the end you made yourself unhappy in the long run.

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It hurts immensely to be betrayed

Yes! People who are betrayed get upset. You are angry, shocked, and deeply hurt. You are the injured party and you are the one responsible. You want them to forgive you. You are downplaying the effects of your behavior. For you it was just a one-time thing. But it wasn't, no matter how often and for how long you persuade yourself to do it.

Another person's feelings meant nothing to you

When you cheat on someone, you drag a particularly deep trust that has been placed in you into the dirt. When you cheat, you are causing incredible pain to someone. Someone who loved and loved you so much that they relied on you. Not only did you break trust in yourself in just one night, you made it difficult for that person to trust others again.

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Scammers, save your excuses

Now you're really sorry, you think. You didn't mean it, you will say. It was only a brief wavering in your love for this one person, you would like to believe. But cheating on someone cannot be done in two seconds. This is not an accident that just happens because you stepped too far to the left or didn't look to the right.

You knew what you were doing

You have made very conscious decisions over a period of time. You knew very well that you were doing something that was going to hurt someone else. You realized several times that you could destroy not only your relationship, but someone else's as well.

You want it to be forgiven you

And yet you are now asking for forgiveness. Supposedly, you don't have any serious feelings about the affair. If the person you cheated on could only get over it with you. Then she can, yes then you can be happy again. Maybe you can even take a consultation.

Karma will take revenge

Are you cheating on another person and now you want them to work with you to make things better? You should still be believed that you mean what you say seriously? You should be trusted that you will change?

Sorry, but nobody forgives you

The person you cheated on will not forgive you. Because broken trust is like a broken safe. The damage is done, the money is gone and the perpetrators are punished for it. There are no multiple attempts at trust. You lost your only chance.

punishment is needed

The person you cheated on will eventually get over it and become happy again. She deserves the luck that she can fully rely on someone. On the other hand, you really deserve to be alone now. Your karma is damaged.

Karma is a boomerang

At some point you will be betrayed, because that happens to cheaters. They lose those with whom they could have been happy. You surround yourself with those who are just as selfish and irresponsible as they are.

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Bad and bad like to join together

By being able to put up with someone else's pain so that you could have something entertaining that promised you additional fun, you have chosen your future company yourself. Whoever you have betrayed will learn from their mistake to trust you. He or she will spot the next deceiver before he or she can be harmed. You, on the other hand, will have no idea what is happening to you until you suddenly find yourself just like the one you have hurt now.

Change yourself

If you ever want to have the chance to be really happy yourself again, then we hope that you now have a reason to seriously change your future behavior. Only then will the pendulum of karma swing again.