How is the name Miike Snows pronounced

Is there a tutorial on how to pronounce "Da5id" from "Snow Crash"?

There is another (albeit highly unlikely) possibility. To be able to send SMS messages on phones that were not enabled in Arabic, Arab teenagers created a system that uses the Roman alphabet and the numbers 3, 5, 7 and 9 to represent sounds that were not found in English .

'5' is more or less a sucked in 'h' sound.

The nice thing about their system is that you can write Arabic perfectly in it, from left to right too.

But I doubt Stephenson had this in mind.


This is interesting, but largely irrelevant to the question posed. At most it should have been a comment.

System failed

Yech. I hate Arabeezy more than 733t.


Sure it does; it suggests that another pronunciation treats the 5 as a hard "h" or Spanish "iota" sound. How does this not answer the question?


@ user26732 - Well, firstly, because there's no canon reason to assume Stephenson knew anything about this piece of text messaging esotericism


@ Richard: And there's no reason to assume he didn't know. We don't know one way or the other.