Why do contrabasses have tuned tuners

Why don't violins have tuners?

Maybe you just never noticed her?

I'd guess someone trying to sell a violin with a head like a classical guitar can't sell it in a very, very traditional market.

So ... what did you do instead?
They have tuned Tuners manufactured that look just like normal tuning pegs - with the added bonus that you can swap them into any existing instrument without modification.

You just can't tell the difference at a glance.

Normal pen? No, gear pin ...

Image by PegHeads

There are several manufacturers - including Knilling & Wittner

Imo, Knilling has the best page to read about the reasons behind the idea.


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General annoyance

While that's all well and good, I'd like to point out that this doesn't come close at all to the standard setup. Playing the violin for almost a decade and I've never come across one. Now it's possible that I just missed it (honestly can't tell from the picture) but I don't think this answers the question Why Gear tuners aren't the standard.