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Values ​​and rules

This word comes from the Latin term "moralis" and translates as "relating to morals". Morals are the values ​​and rules that are generally recognized in a society. When one says that someone acted “morally”, it is meant that he behaved in a way that people think is right and good.

How should one behave?

In everyday life, people keep asking themselves whether they are behaving morally: Am I fair to my fellow human beings? Am I not offending or hurting anyone? And they ask how they can act morally: How can I intervene when I notice that the weaker and defenseless are being bullied? What can I do to make people in poor countries better off? A simple answer to such questions cannot always be found.


There are commandments that prescribe moral behavior, for example: “You should not kill” or “You should not steal!” Without these commandments or laws, living together in a society is not very possible. For Jews and Christians, the "Ten Commandments" name the most important rules that people should observe.

Other meanings

Occasionally the term “morality” is also used to describe a good attitude. If an athlete shows a lot of commitment, one speaks of "fighting morale"; with soldiers you sometimes hear about the “good morale of the troops”.

By the way: A related term is "ethics", which we have also explained here in the lexicon.

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