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Donald Trump: impeachment - "The trial becomes a horror show"

Donald Trump's prosecutors publish new harrowing recordings in the impeachment process: They show how barely prominent politicians escaped the violent mob. Trump is further burdened by his own words. Who thought he already had everything from the storm ... more

US election 2020: Republicans also oppose Donald Trump

In the fight for the US presidency, more and more courts are rejecting Donald Trump. While the second count has ended in Georgia, an increasing number of Republicans are also opposing the president. In his attempt on Friday, US President Donald Trump ... more

USA: Those were the biggest mishaps in previous TV duels

Spotlights on: In the TV duel in the USA, the candidates can really score again. But the opponents often made big mistakes - not infrequently they were sometimes decisive for the election. Two US presidential candidates in front of the camera: This time ... more

US troop withdrawal: Donald Trump continues to etch against Germany

Trump withdraws a third of the US soldiers stationed in Germany - and continues to poison the federal government. Germany's military spending remains an eternal point of contention: Trump is far too low. After the announced deduction of around a third ... more

Donald Trump: sensitive revelation - turning point in the impeachment process?

His allies in the Senate want to acquit Donald Trump this week. But a delicate revelation could mess up the schedule. A crucial week begins in the impeachment process against Donald Trump. Is it up to the President and his ... more

Impeachment negotiation: short trial for Donald Trump?

Close your eyes and go through - or is it a big show? While the impeachment process against Donald Trump begins, there is bitter haggling over the rules behind the scenes. For Donald Trump's lawyers, everything is very simple: Your client ... more

Donald Trump: Followers show macabre fake news video montage

US President Donald Trump as an action hero against the fake news media: With such a video, supporters at an election rally irritated. Supporters of US President Donald Trump played a macabre video montage at an event in Miami. In it ... more

Donald Trump's entry into self-inflicted immaturity

Good morning, dear readers, here is the commented overview of the day's topics. Today in substitution for Florian Harms: WAS WAR? At the World Athletics Championships in London two years ago, Germany had to win a single gold medal ... more