What is the most underrated vacation

Vacation in Germany: 7 underrated travel destinations for home vacations

Lueneburg Heath

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the lavender blossom in Provence? The German equivalent to this is the heather blossom, so to speak. In August and September - a little later than the lavender in France - the Lüneburg Heath shines as a purple sea of ​​flowers.

To explore the nature reserve, you have to leave the car. You can start picturesque hikes from Undeloh, Egestorf, Döhle, Nieder- or Overhaverbeck. If you don't want to experience Europe's largest contiguous heather area just on a day trip, you should book your accommodation early: holiday apartments, guest houses, campsites and hotels are in great demand when the heather is in bloom.

Accommodation in the Lüneburg Heath can be booked again

In Lower Saxony, the hotels are allowed to reopen from May 25th - but initially only with 50 percent occupancy. You can rent holiday apartments and houses again since May 11th.

Spreewald, Brandenburg

In the Spreewald, the best thing to do is to swap your hiking boots for padel: the region in southeast Brandenburg is criss-crossed by rivers and canals and is therefore best explored by boat.

If you are not a water lover at all, you can still explore the landscape on numerous paths on foot or by bike, of course. In any case, you should take your time: Slowing down is probably the secret super power of the Spreewald.

In Brandenburg, the hotels will also open again on May 25th.

Thuringian Forest

Even the good Goethe was enthusiastic about the Thuringian Forest. Nature fans in particular get their money's worth here, when hiking or mountain biking. Germany's largest contiguous forest area may not have a reputation for being particularly hip. But that doesn't have to be the case. Instead of hectic and stress, you will experience peace and seclusion here. And in stalactite caves and grottos you can forget the hustle and bustle above the ground for a moment.

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Hotels in Thuringia reopened

Since May 15th you can stay in hotels again in Thuringia. From June 1st you can splash around in the outdoor pools and bathing lakes again.

Geierlay suspension bridge, Rhineland-Palatinate

If you want to get your adrenaline level skyrocketing again, you should travel to Rhineland-Palatinate. More precisely to the Geierlay suspension bridge. Germany's longest suspension bridge is 360 meters long and hovers 100 meters above the ground. Not for people with a fear of heights, but for everyone else it is a great adventure and the perfect backdrop for snapshots!

The suspension bridge is actually open all the time, and entry is even free of charge. At the moment you have to be patient until the visit. Due to the corona measures, the bridge is closed. It has not yet been clarified when it will open again.

Hotels in Rhineland-Palatinate will open soon

The hotels in Rhineland-Palatinate will resume operations on May 18th. Since May 13th, life has also returned to the state's catering establishments.

Lichtenstein Castle, Baden-Wuerttemberg

At first glance, you could almost confuse the 19th century castle with Neuschwanstein. But Lichtenstein Castle is much less well known - and therefore much more charming. It was built in the neo-Gothic style, almost 30 years before Neuschwanstein Castle.

The castle was also affected by the Corona crisis and had to close its doors to visitors. Since May 6th, "Württemberg's fairytale castle" has been able to open again.

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Hotels in Baden-Württemberg open a little later

Compared to the rest of the federal state, Baden-Württemberg is lagging a little behind when it comes to restarting the tourism industry. From May 18th, holiday apartments, campsites and restaurants can reopen. All other accommodation providers such as hotels will be able to welcome guests again from May 29th.

Triberg waterfalls, Black Forest

Also in Baden-Württemberg you will find Germany's highest waterfall outside of the Alps. The Triberg waterfalls are located in the Black Forest and are an idyllic photo motif. But even not viewed through the lens, the water feature is a real feast for the eyes. You can reach the waterfalls via a hiking trail from the town of the same name, Triberg.

Schrecksee and Obersee, Bavaria

When on holiday in the mountains, you don't have to do without water: picturesque alpine lakes promise cooling water for stressed hiking feet. One of the most famous lakes in Bavaria is the Königssee - there are enough other bodies of water that are worth a trip!

There is, for example, the Schrecksee, which, contrary to its name, is very tranquil - and doesn't seem to fit into the Alps at all. The turquoise water nestles between gentle, green hills. The lake is located at around 1,800 meters in a high valley. You can reach it from Hinterstein, the hiking trail is 15 kilometers there and back, and on the ascent you will conquer 1,000 meters in altitude.

Another gem is right next to the Königssee. The Obersee is smaller than its famous neighbor, but no less picturesque. On the contrary: the mostly mirror-smooth water of the lake rests in front of rugged cliffs. From the south bank of the Königssees you can hike in around an hour to the Fischunkelalm in the south of the Obersee. Don't forget to photograph the reflection of the landscape in the Obersee on the way!

Accommodation in Bavaria opens at Pentecost

On the weekend of Pentecost (May 30th), tourism businesses are to be gradually ramped up again. In addition to hotels, holiday apartments and campsites, this also includes castles and maritime shipping. In the outdoor area, the gastronomy opens from May 18th, the interior can be visited again from May 25th.