Monkeys eat banana peel

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So yes: bananas are true

The column from the magazine: The bit professor

The Bitprof is different this time and explains why chimpanzees smoke cigarettes and gorillas eat bananas.

For a long time it seemed implausible to me that monkeys like to eat bananas. I never see that on TV. They suck termites from knotholes and chew on blades of grass. Once, in an inconspicuous documentary, I saw a baboon pummel a flamingo. He grabbed the poor bird by the lanky legs, tossed him through the air, and smacked him on the ground. Then it faded out, but I couldn't imagine the two of them sharing another banana.

My doubts stem from the age-old platformer series "Donkey Kong Country". Also in the newest part you play a big gorilla. Nothing beats bananas to him. He also beats up penguins and climbs into barrels from which he can be shot across the jungle. For a long time I had suspected that this could not be the case despite the very realistic graphics.

Then I found out that bananas only found their way to Africa a few thousand years ago. Gorillas have been around a lot longer. Monkeys and bananas, that sounds like a lie put up by fairground brawlers and perpetuated by video games. Chimpanzees smoke cigarettes. Gorillas eat bananas.

However, the cravings for a banana recently after exercising made me pensive. I got off my bike red-hot and didn't want to eat a currywurst or drink a beer. I ate a banana. That was really good. Bananas contain potassium, which is good for the heart. Lots of vitamins and minerals in general. Since then, I've felt closer to the monkeys. Perhaps Donkey Kong really likes bananas and isn't forced to make the claim by Nintendo. And if not, then he should try some.


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