Who can make sound engineering easy?

Podcast # 144: Training as a sound engineer, sound engineer or sound technician?

How do I become a sound engineer? How can I work in the recording studio? Does it make sense to spend so much money on training to become a sound engineer? You can find out that and much more in today's broadcast of the delamar podcast for musicians and music enthusiasts. Today also and especially for aspiring sound engineers;)

Training as a sound engineer - and then on the road?

By Carlos San Segundo

Training as a sound engineer, sound engineer or sound technician? - delamar Podcast # 144

Which training is really recommended to get into the music business? It's not about bringing your own music forward, the topic of the current program is how you as a sound engineer, sound engineer or sound technician can find your way into professionalism. Not only do we have two professional audio engineers on board, whom we asked about this - with Dominik Dörffel we also have a recording studio technician from the NDR with us who describes his experiences.

The result is a controversial delamar podcast, which was heavily discussed in live chat. By the way, it was pretty full, which clearly shows that this topic moves a lot of the people who follow delamar. So what is our recommendation when it comes to training? Of course, you will learn that in the course of today's sixty minutes in various nuances and gradations.

Training as a sound engineer - and then on the road?

For example, Dominik reveals how he got his job and how it behaved with his colleagues. We also talk about the many interviews that we have done in the past with renowned and successful sound engineers. How important was it for them to have a proper education? To what extent does the grant from the employment agency have an impact on the job market for sound engineers? How has the market changed in the last few years and decades?

You will find the answers here and many other questions in this delamar podcast.

Song of the week

Today there is guitar music by the band Crestfallen on the ears. The song is called “Book of Life” and it was sent in by Oli Sandmeer. He was also present during the entire live recording yesterday to see the feedback and reactions of the other delamari - a good decision

delamar audience questions

What to do with the applause in a live recording? Keep inside? Cut out? Today there is our opinion on this topic. Just switch on and listen!

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