Is Pokemon Sword and Shield worth buying

About buying the pass

Make sure to purchase the expansion pass that corresponds to your game edition.

If you Pokémon sword owns, you need the Pokémon sword: Extension pass. For Pokémon shield do you need the Pokémon shield: Extension pass.

Please note that both expansion passes are only compatible with the game edition of the same name.

You won't be able to play the additional content if you purchase the wrong Expansion Pass, so make sure you buy the correct version!

Purchase in the Nintendo eShop

The Pokémon sword: Extension pass and the Pokémon shield: Expansion Passes will both be available in the Nintendo eShop. You can reach the purchase screen of the correct expansion pass for your game edition by viewing the expansion pass announcement in the game menu of Pokémon sword or Pokémon shield select.

NOTE: If you want to purchase the Expansion Pass through the in-game option, your version of Pokémon sword or Pokémon shield be up to date.

The bundle

With this bundle you can expect the same in-game content that you would get if you either Pokémon sword or Pokémon shield (Commercial version or download version) as well as the corresponding expansion pass would buy separately. All the software it contains is downloaded in advance on a single software card.

Purchase of a download card or a download code

Download cards and download codes for the expansion pass will be available at electronics stores or on websites with electronic products, among others. The download cards and download codes for the Pokémon sword: Extension pass and the Pokémon shield: Extension pass are identical. As soon as you redeem your code in the Nintendo eShop, you can choose which of the two expansion passes you want. Please make sure you choose the version that is compatible with your game.

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