What is good chi

Feng Shui

The special design of the apartment according to Feng Shui should bring the chi to flow and ensure that you feel really comfortable at home. We show you how to furnish according to Feng Shui rules and what effect this has.
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The life energy Chi in Feng Shui
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The houses in Feng Shui
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Furnishing tips for Feng Shui

The teaching of Feng Shui gives suggestions on how rooms, apartments, houses and gardens can be furnished in such a way that there are positive effects on our well-being. Feng Shui is a whole package of different methods that can be used to find out which colors, shapes and materials, placed in the right places, stimulate the flow of the life energy Chi. Feng Shui can be combined with all furnishing styles, whether modern, Mediterranean or country house style.

Basic rules of Feng Shui

The life energy Chi in Feng Shui

Feng Shui describes the relationship between humans and nature and explains how the living environment can be positively influenced. The words "Feng" and "Shui" come from Chinese and translate as "wind" and "water". The driving force in Feng Shui is Chi - the invisible life energy that needs to be kept going.

Feng Shui as a furnishing style is about letting the chi flow unhindered through the living spaces. If the flow of chi is promoted, personal well-being also increases. Rooms that are designed according to Feng Shui should radiate a positive atmosphere and give their residents a feeling of protection, security and strength.

The flow of chi can be imagined as a couple dancing waltzes moving harmoniously through the apartment. It comes through doors into the individual rooms, turns a few laps and leaves through the same door or a different one. Some of the chi also leaves the rooms through windows or chimneys and thus ensures a steady flow.