What outdoor car covers are good

for outside

Auto-Storm® AQUA-UV is so breathable that even wet vehicles dry underneath

Auto-Storm® AQUA-UV car cover was specially developed to protect cars and motorcycles against extreme weather conditions, be it heat, wind, storm, hail, snow, ice or heavy continuous rain. Auto-Storm® AQUA-UV also protects against dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, falling pine cones, chestnuts, acorns and other environmental influences. The perfect combination for protecting cars and motorbikes that are parked outside and exposed to the sun.

The Auto-Storm® AQUA-UV Outdoor car cover by J.F. Stanley & Co. is probably the most heat-protected and breathable double protective cover for outdoors on the market!

Auto-Storm® AQUA-UV stands out from conventional car covers for outside due to its unique "double protection" structure, similar to a tent with a flysheet. The silver top cover not only reflects more than 95% of the solar radiation, but also filters and converts the heavy rain into a fine, light spray, which gently relieves the 4-layer breathable car cover underneath and keeps the vehicle dry and cool.

At the same time, the top cover protects the 4-layer cover underneath from dirt, tree sap, and from exposure to unavoidable environmental influences and harmful UV radiation. Moisture on the vehicle is quickly released to the outside thanks to its full breathability.

The longevity of the 1-layer top cover depends on the frequency of use as well as the intensity and duration of the UV exposure, whereby a service life of 1-3 years is quite conceivable. In order to extend the durability of the car cover, we recommend placing your car in the shady place possible.

The top cover is inexpensive to replace, depending on the duration of use and weather conditions. The protective cover underneath is always protected and practical as new.

Auto-Storm® AQUA-UV is also suitable as an effective dust cover for indoor use in the garage or shed.