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The wildest theories for Elvis Presley's 85th birthday

January 08, 2020 - 9:12 a.m.

Is the King of Rock'n'Roll still alive?

Today, January 8, 2020, rock and roll god Elvis Presley (1935-1977) would celebrate his 85th birthday. He died of sudden cardiac death at the age of only 42. The Presley money machine is still very much alive. By the time he died, it is estimated that the musician had sold between 400 and 500 million records worldwide. In the first year after his death it was an estimated 200 million. And to this day it is said to be well over a billion, which has made his heirs, including his daughter Lisa Marie Presley (51), wealthy people.

The myth of Presley's death

But it wasn't just money that kept the faded King of Rock'n'Roll alive. The American communication scientist Prof. Gilbert B. Rodman wrote in 1996: "Elvis Presley is very noisy to a dead man. His body may have let him down in 1977, but his spirit, his image and his myths don't just live on: they thrive, they bloom and they multiply. " This is how Presley became a coveted object for conspiracy theorists and their absurd stories.

It began with wild speculation about his sudden death, apparently friends and millions of fans could not and did not want to come to terms with the fact that their idol just fell dead from the toilet. It was said that he had advanced bone cancer. Acquaintances rumored of diabetes and a severe liver disease.

Elvis Presley had to struggle with chronic illnesses all his life

In fact, Presley suffered from insomnia and a congenital bowel disease (megaclone) that led to chronic constipation. This also explains his high consumption of medication, which was always close at hand in his bathroom. Reports immediately circulated that drug abuse was the cause of death.

His family doctor had diagnosed sudden cardiac death, which the medics at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis confirmed. That is where the lifeless body of the musician had been sent. An autopsy commissioned privately by his father Vernon Presley revealed that Presley had suffered from high blood pressure and coronary artery disease, which was also the cause of his death.

Doctors are now of the opinion that the fatal heart attack was caused by the intestinal disease and that Presley would have died without his drug cocktail. But speculation about the cause of death continues to this day and probably until 2027. Only then should the autopsy report be made public.

Should Elvis Presley's body be abducted?

Just two days after his death, on August 18, 1977, Presley was buried in the Forest Hill Public Cemetery in Memphis next to the grave of his mother Gladys Love Presley. Shortly after the funeral, the police got a tip that a gang wanted to kidnap the body and its coffin, which weighed more than 400 kilograms, and extort ten million dollars in ransom from the bereaved.

In fact, on the night of August 29, 1977, the officers arrested four men in front of the mausoleum where the musician and his mother were resting. However, because they did not have any tools with them and had no evidence of a crime, they were released.

In the meantime, Father Vernon Presley had obtained an exemption from the authorities, and on October 2, 1977, the coffins of Elvis and Gladys Love Presley were transported to the legendary Presley estate Graceland and buried there.

Graceland is still a crowd puller to this day

25 years later, a police officer claimed that the Presley family themselves only faked the planned kidnapping to bring the famous dead man home. Graceland is now visited by around 600,000 fans annually, which translates into double-digit million sales. Father Vernon can't say anything more about that. He died in 1979 and was buried next to his son and wife.

After all, these aforementioned theories assume that Elvis Presley actually died. Many fans do not want to come to terms with this fact. They believe that their idol is still alive and that his death was only faked - for two reasons:

1. Presley had been an agent of the US foreign intelligence service CIA for a long time and had to go underground in 1977.

2. Presley was an informant for the FBI and had testified against the Mafia in Memphis. That's why he got into the witness protection program. Means: He got a new identity and had to "die" for it.

Wild speculation: is Elvis Presley still alive?

The tabloid "National Enquirer" cited photos of the dead star as evidence. His nose is way too small, his body is way too thin. In truth, a wax doll was presented with air conditioning installed under it so that it would not melt in the Tennessee summer heat. That's why the coffin was so incredibly heavy.

Just one day after his official death, he was seen in a travel agency in Memphis, where he had booked a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires in Argentina under the name of John Burrows. He still lives there unrecognized. Others claim to have seen the musician in an Argentine beach bar, in the company of Kurt Cobain (suicide 1994) and the rapper Tupac (shot 1996).

Other theories suggest that the King of Rock'n'Roll grew tired of the luxury of Graceland and faked his death to lead a humble existence. He was seen several times as a gas station attendant, as a cashier in the supermarket or as a waitress in a hamburger restaurant. To compensate, he played an extra role in the film "Kevin - Alone at Home" (1990).

Or: Presley had withdrawn long before 1977 at the height of his career and hired a first-class impersonator for his appearances. He died in 1977, but the real Elvis Presley still lives hidden in a nursing home in Texas.

Is Elvis Presley on the moon?

There are even theories that Presley is no longer on earth. He flew to the moon with NASA in 1969. Because the camera system did not work properly, people only saw pictures of the astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. After 1977 the musician returned to the moon.

Or: Presley was kidnapped by aliens who had watched him for a long time and came to the conclusion that he was too good for our world.

And: Presley wasn't actually human at all, but an alien from Mars. After his stay on earth, he returned to his home planet.

There is also hopeful speculation. According to this, Presley only went on a journey through time in 1977 and will reappear by 2033 at the latest. He will then be 98 years "young", still has the old swinging hips, but possibly forgot the complicated text of "Tutti Frutti": A-bop-bop-a-loom-op a-lop-bop-boom!

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