Billionaires are still going to college

If you have attended one of these elite universities, your chances of making big money are very high. Even a German university turns students into billionaires.

Incredible, but true: Many students in Germany are supposed to live on the subsistence level. The high rental prices and the enormous cost of living force many to work on the side or even to take out a loan.

Living in shared apartments is also standard here. But some are lucky enough to have rich parents or have a lot of brains and have made it to one of the few elite universities in Europe.

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In these universities, students become billionaires

And those who go through with their studies here will be rewarded several times later. This is now reported by the Handelsblatt. Because the universities have the reputation of having produced the most millionaires and even billionaires.

So if you study here, you will become extremely rich - and you don't even have to fly abroad to do so.

Click through the photo gallery above and find out which of the six European universities has the (golden) nose in the ranking.

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