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Almost everyone has fiction at home. The entertaining, exciting or imaginative novels from the "AlfeldOnLeine" online portal offer everyone the right reading material for every occasion. Do you love passionate novels with happy endings or do you like scary horror novels best, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in the large selection of fiction books. Whether for a rainy Sunday afternoon or a direct flight on vacation, with fiction you can pass the time comfortably, exciting and, above all, entertaining. The books of the genre of fiction, which are offered in great variety online by the local dealers, promise great entertainment value. It offers the very latest and latest books from the fields of horror, detective novels or romance novels, as well as world-famous bestsellers that you simply have to read. If you want to expand your local book collection, you will find many current and modern titles from every style among the books of the regional booksellers. If you spontaneously feel like reading a new book or are on a spontaneous trip, you can lean back and relax thanks to the Same Day delivery offered by Alfeld Leine. You can quickly and easily choose your new fiction novel, a funny comic or children's books online. Detailed descriptions provide an insight into the content and reliable age recommendations give you the opportunity to find the right books for children and young people. If the book you are looking for is in stock and the new novel, classic or a colorfully illustrated children's book is ordered online from a regional dealer, delivery takes place on the same day. Thanks to the modern service, delivery on a desired date or to a desired address is also possible. If you still have some errands to do in town, you can also pick up your online order directly from the local dealer. You can always buy a large selection of new fiction with exciting content, captivating stories or stories from the middle of life. Changing titles and new recommendations, books that are classics of literature, as well as dramas or historical novels are offered. Stories that take place many years ago and deal with the epic of bygone times, with wars or imaginative mythical creatures, invite you to read into a new and distant world. Science fiction and fantasy novels, which are set in futuristic times or in the world of dwarves, elves and wizards, also belong to the broad field of fiction. You can also choose between different children's books: titles for toddlers, beginners, teenagers or young adults make people want to read from an early age. The different genres of fiction offer exciting variety at any time. From bestsellers or the well-known drama of great poets to drawn comics with cult status or the captivating detective novel, participating booksellers in Alfeld Leine offer entertaining literature for every age group. The "AlfeldOnLeine" online portal offers you countless titles, exciting new additions and popular fiction books in a large and modern variety to read.

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