Can Pets Improve Your Depression?

Animal help with depression

Animals have a positive effect on general satisfaction and decisively promote well-being. But they can also be of great help with depression.

Depressed people often withdraw from their social environment. They no longer have any interests or the strength to cope with their everyday lives. Self-esteem is battered. Affected people feel worthless. Animals meet people without prejudice, they do not evaluate. A person's social status, appearance, and health do not affect their friendliness and affection.

Especially the unconditional affection affects people with depressions extremely positive. Affected people feel accepted again and can slowly build up their self-esteem again.

Structure in everyday life against depression

Especially if you have a dog as a pet, you automatically get a better structure in everyday life. Regularly going for a walk when the dog has to go out and giving food are routine processes. This has several advantages: Firstly, people with depression are prevented from spending the whole day in bed. Often the listlessness is so pronounced that those affected would not get out of bed for days. On the other hand, exercise in the fresh air is proven to be healthy for body and soul. And a walk with a dog is really fun.

Caresses for the soul

The physical also plays an important role in depression. Since those affected often no longer feel themselves, they tend to feel paralyzed, cuddling with a pet is very beneficial. In addition, it is of course wonderful when you come home and are eagerly awaited at the door by your animal friend. The verbal and non-verbal communication counteracts the loneliness into which depressed people often voluntarily withdraw themselves. Animals each react in their own way, but those who develop a good relationship with their pet can read the signs and be in constant contact with the animal.

Of course, there should be optimal conditions in order to keep a pet. Those who cannot or are not allowed to keep a pet themselves still have the opportunity to volunteer in an animal shelter in their area. In many clinics there is now also an animal-assisted one therapy for depression.

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