Should continue Arrow TV show

After "Arrow" the next DC series will now be canceled. The fans only get one more season, then it's over.

you use Prime Video, Netflix * or watch regularly ProSieben FUN? In all three cases, you're probably over by now "Supergirl" stumbled. The DC series has been running for a few years - even if the reviews have been devastating every now and then. The American broadcaster The CW stuck to the series for a very long time. But after five years it's over: "Supergirl" should end after the 6th season.

"Supergirl" should end after the 6th season - reasons are unknown

It almost seems like all series about DC heroes are slowly saying goodbye. For example, just recently ended "Arrow" after eight seasons and 170 episodes. But we can at least be fans of "The Flash" calm down: The series continues, the shooting of a 7th season is already imminent.

"Supergirl" however, will only come on six seasons. Together with the team should lead actress Melissa Benoist made this decision, reports the magazine Deadline. It is not known why the fans have to be prepared for a sudden end. The Portal Screenrant assumes, however, that Benoist would like to expand her acting portfolio and participate in other productions.

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"Supergirl" fans can expect at least one surprise

Often producers keep the final series seasons a little shorter. In case of "Supergirl" but the fans are lucky: The 6th season is supposed to 20 episodes receive. It can therefore be assumed that the story will have a round instead of an abrupt ending.

Who to invite here all seasons of "Supergirl" want to watch you can on Prime Video and Netflix recall. The latter streaming service currently only offers four seasons. The 5th season is currently only available on Amazon or on the pay TV channel ProSieben FUN. Alternatively, you can also purchase individual seasons on DVD or Blu-ray (promotional link).

By the way: Recently a Netflix series was also canceled, the one Emmy received. (soa) * is part of the Ippen central network.

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