Spiders stay angry

This is how you keep your apartment free of spiders

  • Spiders come into the apartments especially in autumn
  • But there are a few methods to keep the eight-legged friends away

Berlin. Spiders eat pests - so they are very useful animals. Although they help minimize insect pests such as mosquitoes, many people do not like them to be house guests. Because spiders are gross too. Fortunately, there are methods that can be used to keep your sweet home spider-free.

According to T-Online, mosquito nets are the most efficient way to keep the spiders from crawling into the apartment. However, since these do not let in much sunlight, most of them dismantle them again after the summer high season for mosquitoes and wasps. But spiders come into the house especially in autumn.

Fragrances help against spiders

Grids should be installed especially near piles of firewood or compost heaps, as spiders are attracted by the abundant food source there. According to the “InStyle”, if you still don't want to barred windows and doors, you can use herbal fragrances. The aromatic substances in lavender deter spiders.

Even tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus oil should not be able to smell the eight-legged friends, according to the online portal "Gartenlexikon". However, the advantage of lavender is that it helps not only against spiders, but also against moths. And they too come to the apartments, especially in autumn.

Spider should not be attacked with a vacuum cleaner

If the spider made it into the apartment despite all countermeasures, it is advisable to transport it outside with a glass and a piece of paper. Because removing the spider with the vacuum cleaner is not only cruel to the animal: under certain conditions it can even survive the vacuum attack.

Anyone who is too disgusted about removing the spider with the glass can therefore buy mechanical safety gears in stores and online. With these, the animals can be captured and released more easily. (leve)